God never stops showering His blessings

Since I had taken a year off to prepare for my B-School entrances, I served as a Mission Volunteer for CFCI Youth Mangalore. I had a deep yearning to go on mission. I finally got that opportunity when I was asked to go to Gujarat and conduct training and camps there. However, later I found out that I would be receiving my results of selection into a B-School (which I really wanted to get into) on almost the same day I was to leave for Gujarat. I knew there would be paperwork to be done at home had I secured admission, but in my heart I really wanted to make it for the Gujarat mission as well. I took the leap of faith and said yes to the mission and committed to it. And God rewarded me, the admission letter arrived a couple of days before I was to leave for Gujarat. This gave me time to finish the paperwork comfortably and truly enjoy the experience of mission work too! I’m in my second year of MBA and God never stops showering His blessings on me! God really rewards you when you say YES to Him!!!

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