Only in God will you find True Love

The months of January and February saw many of the Porvorim singles busy visiting the nearby parishes (Socorro, Salvador-do-Mundo, Brittona,Saligao, Calangute, Reis Magos and Mapusa), talking to the youth there, sharing experiences of their time in the community with them and inviting them to experience a love that can only be found in God.

The Christian Life Seminar (CLS) 2017, held by Couples for Christ India–Singles, Porvorim began on 7th March 2017 at the Holy Family Church hall at 7.30 pm. The programme consisted of a 3-module seminar each having 3 sessions, held on every consecutive Tuesday.

The participants were always warmly welcomed with a few refreshments. On the first day, at the outset, an ice-breaker activity was held, wherein the participants were encouraged to be acquainted with each other. Thereafter, few of the following sessions had talk related activities.

Every session followed a similar flow which began with the music ministry playing a few lively action songs. A couple of the older singles were delegated to teach the participants the actions to the songs and all were seen actively participating.

Joshua Silveira, the Team Servant invoked God’s presence through a short prayer and welcomed the participants. This was followed by the talk and the group discussion (GD) where the participants broke up into groups(each guided by their respective GD heads) to discuss how they were touched by the session and whether they could relate to the talk, handouts of which were given to them. The group discussion heads were seen helping the participants,see how God was working in their lives and encouraged each participant to share openly in the group. As the sessions progressed many of the participants began sharing confidently in their groups, about their Christ related experiences.

The first session delivered by Silverio Souza, spoke about God’s love and was attended by almost 35 youngsters from the neighboring parishes. The talk covered the aspect of God’s love being manifested through His plan for mankind. This session and the ones to follow were all accompanied by related life sharings.

Once the participants were introduced to the concept of sin and repentance, confessions were held. All of them, including the service team readily participated. Most of the priests arranged were from Porvorim.

The participants were then introduced to praise and worship through a king related activity where they had to thank and praise ‘The King‘ for the imaginary things he had done for them and ask of him all that they wanted. It was fun to see the participants come up with hilarious praises and requests. Then, on a serious note, they were directed to relate the activity with praising and thanking God through a praise and worship session. Thereafter each session began by invoking God’s presence through Praise and Worship.

By the end of the CLS it was nice to see how the participants had bonded well with each other and with their GD heads over group discussions and one to ones. Many admitted they learnt and discovered a lot about the Catholic faith and the conviction of a subtle transformation for good. What began as awkward introductions, progressed to being united in God’s love.

They have completed the Christian Orientation Program (COP), and have now been grouped successfully into households along with the older members.

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