God at Work in Me

This poetry written by Krisha Gomes won the Second Prize in the National Youth Conference 2013 – i Believe – Rhyme Time Competition.

I started off as a stubborn little lass,
It was difficult to go for daily mass.
A demanding child i was,
I never really looked back to see the pain it caused.

But then a slow change came over me,
That’s when I knew that God was at work within me.
Love became a moving force,
My life took on a different and wonderful course.

I thought it meant giving up everything i had to have Him work in me,
I thought it was a life of all sacrifices and no glee.
But when God started working in my heart,
My life came together part by part.

Accepting people becomes easier,
Life keeps getting better and better.
He helps me open my ears to strangers,
They are those angels that steer me away from dangers.

Many a times I can’t understand his ways,
But slowly the pain and grudges fade away.
It’s like I can see things for the 1st time,
The different me is a sure sign.

I’ll crawl upon my knees just to praise him,
My new found love for Him is overflowing its brim.
He his still working on this child,
I’m different now, totally restyled.

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One Response to God at Work in Me

  1. This poem/song is an absolutely “WOW”………….it baffles my imagination as to how a lovely young lady so smart and so clean in thoughts has been inspired by none other than HIM…………….
    God bless you to be an inspiration to all the youth of to-day who has been lost in the world of technology………….forgetting that there is a GOD…………