God’s secret and mine!

God is a hard task master but the salary is good. Since 2008, God has really taken me up on my “yes”. He has heaped me with opportunity and showered my efforts with the joy that comes from successfully implementing His will. Opportunities like serving the household and the unit as a helpmate to the Unit servant leading to the sheer joy of seeing our 10 couples blossom and develop into beautiful people and several future saints.
God's Secret and mine
The chance to serve CFCI on the Content Development Team of PFO, the task of rewriting and updating original talks have been a time of personal spiritual growth and fulfillment and an overflowing joy of being able to witness to people I will never meet or know. This is mission without the discomfort of travel. I’ve also had the opportunity to serve my Parish, by guiding two groups through Confirmation. Some of the kids have made amazing leaps in their relationship with God. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be given the chance to touch several people (Christian and non-Christian) with hope, helping them to forge fresh relationships with God and the joy of actually seeing it happening and giving results. I have glimpsed fresh opportunities for 2012 onwards and I’m excited. But presently it’s God’s secret and mine!

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