Grace Intake Camp

The CFCI Youth (Panjim) intake camp was held at Pilar from 16th to18th, May 2014. Grace (2Cor 12:9) was the theme of the camp.

The participants were introduced to a number of gospel songs, out of which ‘Your Grace is Enough’ got the participants on their feet right from the beginning.

The three days camp began with icebreakers which helped the participants acquaint with each other. The first talk was about God’s love and His plan for us. Many exciting games like the Letter game, Mad Ads, 4s and 7s were played to introduce the newcomers to each other. The second talk was about who Jesus Christ is to us?

The next day began with a briefing about personal prayer after which the participants spent some time in private putting into practice what they had learnt. The third talk spoke of Repentance, Faith, Healing and Forgiveness which was followed by the inner healing session and confession.

One on one’s were conducted, where the team leaders got to know their participants better and initiate an environment of mutual sharing and support, which was also encouraged by the group discussions.

The fourth talk was about the Holy Spirit, after which the participants were taught how to free praise through a game. Many participants expressed that the pray over session was a Christ- filled experience. The water games that followed gave everyone a chance to cool down after a hectic second day.

The final day began with personal prayer and praise and worship after which was the fifth talk about growing in the Holy Spirit. After a few games and riddles, the participants were guided to write letters of love and appreciation to their parents. The parents joined everyone for Mass and the Praise Fest followed by a short fellowship gathering.

The camp was a faith strengthening experience for both the participants and the camp team.

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