The Great Inspirer

When I was brought to that phase of life,
When choosing a mission for life was my strife.
My Lord said to me,
“My Child! Come follow me”

He showed me through His Holy Word,
That no matter how bad things may have appeared,
His love for me would never end,
Cause He is the Beginning and the End.

He is my creator,
Therefore He decides my future.
All I have to do,
Is what He commands me to do.

He has a perfect plan for each of us,
Which most of the times to follow we make a fuss.
But forgiving and unconditionally loving that He is,
He makes sure everything happens the way He sees.

He is the Great Inspirer,
The one who lifts my spirit higher.
The one who saves me from the devourer,
And to do great things gives me His power.

About Elvis Dias

Elvis Dias is currently working as a Portuguese specialist at Accenture and is also pursuing his MBA from Bangalore. He hails from Goa and is an active member of CFCI Singles. He started glorifying God through his poems from his adolescent days and is passionate about serving in the kingdom of God.

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