Growing in Faith

As I was new to the Catholic faith, being recently baptized on February 10th 2019, I was yearning to grow in this faith. I decided that I would learn about its various practices by observing people practising their faith. With this in mind, I decided to serve in a Youth Camp.

Before being part of this Youth Camp in Uttarkhand, I could not fully understand all that God asks of us. For example, although I would pray for myself and my needs I could not understand the importance of praying for others.

At this youth camp, I noticed people doing things out of pure love for God, simply because they have faith in God. Among the many things that caught my attention, one aspect was Adoration of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament; the grace and peace one experiences during that time and after cannot be expressed in words.

At the camp, I received the gift of courage, and now I am more involved in living out God’s word in my everyday life. I now participate in the Eucharist not only on Sundays but on weekdays too. I have also begun leading the Intercessory Ministry. At work, I am able to understand and relate to the problems that my other colleagues face and guide them to find a solution, Lastly, I am able to pray for others with love and truly empathize with them.
Praise the Lord for his work in my life!

May God be glorified through us!

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