Guardian Angel to the Rescue

Those who knew me before I joined the movement of CFCI- Singles, would probably not believe that I am the same person. I used to indulge in alcohol, drugs and a lot of other vices. I didn’t have much knowledge about the Faith, nor was I really interested in what was taught in Church at mass; but by the grace and mercy of Jesus, I have been set free and would like to testify to the greatness of God and to the glories of His kingdom.

The desire to know more about my Faith arose in me, when I received the outpouring of the Spirit. I first began to read the lives of Saints. I was fascinated by St. Padre Pio and the experiences he had with his Guardian Angel. He said,

“Invoke your guardian Angel who will enlighten you and guide you. God has given him to you for your protection; therefore, you should use him accordingly”.

Initially on reading this, I found it very strange because people usually don’t speak much about the Guardian Angel. I began doing some research and I found a book about Guardian Angels written by an Evangelical Pastor. However, I wasn’t really satisfied with what I read in the book as he did not really pray or speak to his Guardian Angel as is taught by the Catholic Church.

One day, as I was talking to my formator, he asked me a question that intrigued me, “Do you know the name of your Guardian Angel?” I smiled and answered “No, I do not know.
Later, his wife lent me a book on “St. Michael and the Angels“. I began reading it and in the book, the author says,

“When we sin, our Guardian Angel gets hurt and upset. Even during mass, our Guardian Angels are displeased when we do not offer up any intentions or thanksgiving, petitions, etc. to him, so that he can deposit them (intentions) at the altar.”

From here began a beautiful journey of getting to know my guardian angel and building a relationship with him.
I remember in 2015, before passing my Bangalore University exams, I had a problem with my academic fees. I had to pay $500, but I had only $300 with me. I did not know what to do, but I prayed to my Guardian Angel with these words, “My Guardian Angel, go to see the guardian angel of the chairman and ask him to soothe his heart so that he may accept the proposition I want to make to him“, then I recited the Guardian Angel prayer:

“Angel of God my guardian dear, to Whom His love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.”

To my surprise, when I spoke to the lady who was at the counter, she checked with the chairman and then without any hassle, handed over my hall ticket. I said to myself, “Wow! Thank you Guardian Angel.” But I still had doubts and thought that the incident could just be a coincidence.

Yet again, I had issues at college with regards to the fees. $100 had been added to my fees which had been paid directly by my country (Congo), but I had no receipt to prove that the payment was already made. The issue was huge and a complicated one. Although I met the chairman thrice, the situation did not change. I decided to meet him a fourth time, but before going in, I prayed to my Guardian Angel.

I was amazed at how the chairman behaved. He even got someone to serve me juice and sat down to speak to me. I explained the situation to him and he cancelled my debt immediately. I was in awe. I thanked God and my Guardian Angel for intervening in the situation.

There are a lot of other instances in which my Guardian Angel has come to my aid. One afternoon, I was on my way to the bank with my scooter. As I returned to my bike after the bank work, I realized that I had lost my keys. I didn’t know what to do or even where to start searching. I was about to begin searching in a dirty puddle nearby, when a voice in my heart said to me, “Ask your Guardian Angel.” So I closed my eyes and said a short prayer. As I opened my eyes and I saw the key on the corner of the chair. I was so enamored by all of these experiences that, I decided to share all of this with my friends and ask them to begin a devotion to their Guardian Angels as well.

One day I spoke to my Hindu friend about the Guardian Angel, and he loved my testimony and said that he would also like to experience the same thing, as our God is not a God of coincidence or chance. We were going to see the apologist, Steven Ray at a program called ‘Magnificat’ at St. Joseph’s High School. We had to go by bike, but I had only one helmet with me. I looked for another but could not find one. We went for the program, however on returning we were arrested because the pillion rider wasn’t wearing a helmet and the policeman asked me for Rs. 400 ($8). I replied that I had only Rs.150 ($3). He refused and told me that he would grab the bike. Instantly, my friend prayed to his Guardian Angel for less than one minute and the policeman released us without taking even $1. The Angels and Saints are closer to us and more alive than we think they are.

We need to remember that God did not give us Guardian Angels by chance, but there is a definite purpose for that. A parting piece of advice is that one should not give a name to your Guardian Angel, because God has already given names to all his creation. If you want to know his name, ask God, He will reveal it to you. It is just that you have to have Faith, as St. Augustine said,

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this Faith is to see what you believe.”

I pray that each one of you may begin this wonderful journey of getting to know your Guardian Angel and that he may always be besides you, to light and guard, to rule and guide!

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  1. Thank you Folly, for your testimony. Really wonderful. The book on St. Michael and the angels is a really really superb book. May God be glorified in His living saint’s.