He is Faithful

I have been in this community for the past 8 years, starting from a youth to being single. Learning to grow strong in faith from the testimonies of others is what worked for me. Giving God the first priority in all we do, can turn into miraculous events.

As a student, giving God time during exams is one of the most difficult choices. When I chose to attend prayer meetings despite having major exams, God chose to keep my faith by making me stand first in the subject I had never stood first at before. And after that, I didn’t use my examinations as a reason to skip meetings.

For newly employed persons, the first salary is the moment of pride and celebration. However, my mother had other plans for me. She wanted me to donate the entire amount to charity, much to my disappointment. What I didn’t know then was that we have a God who works wonders. In just 3 months of my job at a college, I got promoted to a coaching staff, which takes years of experience for many. He was faithful yet again.

The biggest miracle that God worked in my life, was giving me a husband. Ever since I got the job, the next agenda was marriage. We had applied to several matrimonial organizations running in Mangalore and abroad in various Churches. 3 years went by but nothing clicked. Rejections would be part and parcel of a search for a mate, they said. It wouldn’t be discouraging until I was being rejected for something that’s so irrelevant in Catholic community – the subcaste to which I belong to which happened to be the least important caste in the subcaste system. We were unaware that subcastes were such an important aspect of finding a life partner. It was really painful to watch my parents cry during the search. I started building up hatred within myself. When I shared my pain with my Formators, all the asked me to do was to forgive.

I attended the singles conference after a break of two years and shared my testimony. I was scared before, but now I wasn’t. Little did I know that among the audience, were two people who would be instrumental in changing my life. The first being Tito A.V. Jose, who called me the next day and asked me to pray for intentions apart from my own and to be faithful to the Lord, and that in 3 months’ time I will have a person in my life whom I will marry. Meanwhile, Preeti Moraes, who happened to be the second important person, a single from Bangalore was deciding whether I would be a match for her cousin. Everything fell perfectly in place from there. In exact 3 months, our families met and our wedding was fixed for April 7th, 2018.

During the preparation for the wedding, I had to cross many roadblocks. Some of which would really shake my confidence. Questions like ‘Why do you want to stay with your in-laws after the wedding?’ ‘Why do you want to travel to and fro from a village to work every day?’ would hound me all the time. I, however, knew all this was part of God’s amazing plan.

Yes, my travel time has changed from 2 hours a day (before the wedding) to 4 hours a day (post the wedding). I say to all people who posed these questions to me.

By God’s grace, these 4 hours of travel take me home to a husband who takes me to the blessed sacrament every single day in the morning! While in the community, I didn’t visit the sacrament regularly thinking there wouldn’t be time.
These 4 hours take me to a home where my Father-in-law leads morning prayers before we go to work apart from the conventional evening prayers in every Christian household.
These 4 hours take me to a parish where all parishioners gather to recite the Rosary on their knees before mass with arms raised!
These 4 hours have given me so much time to intercede. I have said so many rosaries in the 6 months of my marriage than I have done my entire life, and I have seen miracles happening in my life, within my family, within my community.

All that I learnt is this: Trust God and never lose faith. When you are weak in faith, talk to people who are strong in prayer, and not to the people of the world. If He wills, all good will happen.

Praise be to His name forever.

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5 Responses to He is Faithful

  1. This is such a beautiful testimony!! Thanks for sharing this.
    I was going through a similar phase where I stopped going for meetings on sundays before of my exam… or mass before the day of my exam and on the day of my exam… it got to the point where I become frustrated and stressed.

    This testimony gives me a new hope that I can still change.????