We are Heralds’ of God’s Kingdom

Heralds of God’s kingdom, we all are,
but none show the desire to play the part,
the world itself has turned sour,
but Jesus is the same at heart.

His word is medicine to our flesh.
He is the ultimate authority.
His redeeming sacrifice frees us from our mesh
and he provides us with security.

We are Heralds’ of Gods Kingdom

I know my life is a gift,
that God has bestowed on me,
but I tend to drift,
from God my treasure key.

But as I write with faith
I realise my God never fails
cast not away your confidence
but build up your love that forever sails.

Hold-fast to what you believe
for we talk by faith and not by sight
our steadfast God is all we need
to live this world on high.

So why don’t we make our decision
if we want to live for God or the world
patience is our reward, faith is our mission
lets be Gods disciples and spread his word foretold.

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