How God saved my Life

It is true when people say that a new city makes you live a different life altogether, and that’s where my transformation began.

While at my home, I was a disciplined, focused, studious child who knew what she wanted from life. But as I stepped into a new beginning, in a new town — peer pressure, anxiety, lust, hatred and anger took control.

In the year 2017, I had a break-up that turned my world upside down. While I lost myself, I lost friends and companions. In the midst of a chaotic survival, I was told that I was suffering from depression over the past 3 years, and it just got worse.
From existential crisis to insomnia.

From anxiety issues to perpetual sadness; I was dead from within.

I was under medication and called out for help to every person I knew.

Every day I would go for dance practice, in preparation of intercollege fests, at a venue right next to my college chapel. One random day, I took a step inside the chapel and made an innocent prayer asking God to help me love again. This little prayer was extremely insignificant at that time. Months passed and I continued my monotonous life. God, having watched me all along, brought a guy into my life in the most bizarre manner. While I was in this relationship I began to love myself in the eyes of how this guy saw me.

But as fate had it, it did not end well. Nevertheless, this break-up did not break me but moulded me to be stronger. On encountering a CFCI friend of mine, I joined the community for the sole reason of distracting myself from the break-up.

Nine months have passed since, and God has made me understand that I don’t need anyone to love me but Christ alone. He allowed the Holy Spirit to flow life through me and I felt alive in love. Love for God, love for family and every neighbour in Christ.

No one could save me but that little prayer where God required me to give Him permission to take control. And when He did, I was saved from depression and knew what it meant to be happy once again.

This is my testimony, the testimony of the daughter of the King.

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