I am a Cool Catholic

The Kids Village 2015 “I Am A Cool Catholic“, was organized by CFCI – Youth, Mangalore, on the 26th of July, 2015 at The Most Holy Redeemer Church, Derebail for children between the ages of 5 to 8 years. It was a half-day program filled with prayer, fun, activities and various workshops with around ninety children in attendance. Twenty CFCI – Youth served at the kids village with the guidance of other CFCI – Couples and CFCI – Singles.

As the children arrived, they were made to sit according to their classes and the youth mingled with them to make them feel comfortable. The CFCI District Servant of Mangalore, Mr. Gerald Castelino, welcomed the parish priest Rev. Fr. Joseph Lobo, the assistant parish priest Rev. Fr. Anil Lobo and the parish council vice president Mr. Anil Patrao. They delivered individual messages to the children present.

The children were then divided into groups known as ‘tribes’ through a game. In these groups they were able to learn and play with other kids as well as interact with the CFCI Youth who were their leaders.

After a small snack break of puffs and badam milk, the first workshop on ‘Being a Cool Catholic at School‘ was conducted through a skit enacted by the youth depicting the ways to be a Cool Catholic at school. It included sharing tiffin, helping others in doing homework etc.

Being a Cool Catholic on the Playground‘ was depicted through a video that was shot by the CFCI Youth through which values of sharing toys or play things, giving others a chance to play, lifting someone who has fallen and being gentle were depicted.

The kids were then taught action songs like “Mercy is falling” and “I Love bananas” and a game was conducted for them.

Following this, a workshop on ‘Being a Cool Catholic at Home‘ was conducted. A skit was enacted by the youth on being a Cool Catholic at home. It showcased helping one’s family members, keeping the house clean, leading the daily prayers etc.

The kids were also taught how to be a ‘Cool Catholic at Church‘ through a presentation showing the do’s and don’ts at church. It was very interactive with the kids answering the do’s and don’ts rightly.

A snack break of cupcakes and a soft drink was followed by a time of craftwork and other activities. Cut-outs of a chalice with a host where given to each kid to colour and decorate with stickers. They were also given crowns to decorate and wear, reminding them that God is our King and so, we, being his children, become Princes and Princesses.

Around noon the parents of the kids arrived and viewed the children’s art which was on display. The Kids Village ended with a praise fest where the kids sang all the action songs that were taught to them and praised Jesus.

It was a joy to see the kids returning home joyful and proud of all they had learnt and done at the village. The youth serving at the Village had an enriching and joyful experience as well.

Report by Andrea D’silva
CFCI Youth – Ashoknagar – Mangalore.


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