I am Royalty

I really have no words to describe my joy at this amazing program. I had to give them a talk on “I
am perfect”, and I was not sure of what I must say to them because these little angels were so small. As a part of the talk, I told them interesting facts about their body, e.g how small their heart was and what was the size of their brain and they were amazed with these facts.

I was also in the dance ministry and I must say I have danced for hours together, but dancing with
these kids was totally different. I was filled with a lot of joy to see them just stand there and watch us dance and then try to dance in the same way. I learnt one thing that, no matter whether you are happy or sad, these kids will just make you smile, laugh, shout and scream for no reason at all.

My heart melted when Samuel, a CFCI-Kid jumped and hugged me. He said, “I will miss you, Ryan”. I
am blessed to serve this beautiful creation of God. Thank you Lord.

The Word according to the kids
After the family rosary, four year old Jonathan insisted that he would read the Bible. Holding it
upside down he announced: “And Jesus said, all you naughty dinosaurs, stand in a line. This is not
the place for you. Go home. That’s what Jesus says. Amen.”

Isabel with great enthusiasm goes to her mom and narrates a story of how the monkey and the
crow didn’t want to play together and claims that Jesus narrated the same story in the bible.
Her mother told her that she had never heard such a story in the Bible. She promptly said,
“That’s because it’s from the Letters of St. Paul.”
(As witnessed by the Kids Village service team at Bengaluru.)

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