I am the Light of the World

The Church of St. Alex, Calangute seemed loud and vibrant from 27th to 31st May 2019 with the CFCI- Kids Camp titled, ‘I am the Light of the World‘ being held in its premises.

The first day saw the hall beautifully decorated and all the logistical equipment ready and set up for the show to begin. As they walked in, the kids and their parents were greeted by Tita Patricia Carvalho (Formator – CFCI Kids). The CFCI Handmaids were seen enthusiastically managing the registration counters and handing over colourful badges to the kids, which they so proudly showed off. A total of 36 kids in the age group of 4-12 years were registered. The abundance of refreshments that day, managed by Nikita and Nicole truly satisfied everyone’s tummies.

The camp consisted of basic sessions (It’s really cool to be Catholic and I am sorry), fun activities, exciting games and lovely gospel music. The first session “God loves me no matter what” given by Nikita Menezes (CFCI Singles) taught the little kids about God’s never-ending love. A theme based activity was held over the days where the kids were seen building a section of a lighthouse having a related memory verse attached to it and the theme song “Light of the World” with actions helped the kids retain all that was taught to them. A member of the CFCI Singles, John Fernandes animated the kids through dance and infused in them the zeal to come back for more.

But this was not all that drew them back the next day. The enthusiasm for more, built up by the worksheet activities, fun sessions and games had the kids hands-full and enjoying themselves. Volunteers from CFCI Youth and CFCI Singles managed the kids very well and helped train them for a praise and worship song performance that was witnessed by an audience of over a hundred parishioners on the last day.

After a hectic three days, the fourth day went in recapping all that the kids had learnt and to complete any unfinished work. The camp ended with an exciting pool party where everyone was seen enjoying themselves.

The CFCI Calangute Chapter collectively pitched in to make this 5-day camp a success through intercession, serving at the venue and generously contributing in kind. A gist of it all was noticed by a couple of the kid’s parents and they began inquiring if they could join this community that encourages young people to sacrifice their time to serve the Lord through the kid’s ministry. And this, I believe, in addition to giving Jesus to little kids, was the highlight of this beautiful camp.

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