I struggle

I struggle with my own self,
All day, all night,
Trying to be the best, do my best, give my best
But that’s the biggest plight.

I know your eyes are on me
All the time, even when I’m weak
You look with so much of love & care
As I sit alone by the creek

I also want to do something for you, my Lord
But don’t know how to go about
I hate it to waste my day, which you’ve given me
Coz the mortal me has so much of doubt

I’m a small youth, into this big world of yours
What can I barely do?
If I look at the lives of the saints, it gets me alarmed
Coz most of ma life, I waste with brew

The beggar lives a better life
At least he doesn’t expect much
He knows the rich, won’t give him more than ten
Still we run away from their touch

I love you Lord,
But not as much as you do
Help me to love you each day
So someday I could sit with you too

Your silence drives me crazy
Speak to me , my dear lord
It’s only with you, that I feel at rest
Coz you’re the love of ma life, my God

Become human and come down again
So that I may lay in your arms
To avoid the evil desires & temptations
And all the other sin(s) that comes

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