I witnessed a miracle!

I think it is rightly said that, ‘Family that prays together, stays together‘, I have witnessed it and I am here writing my testimony which I thought was impossible.

I became part of the CFCI Singles family 2 years ago the time when I was stressed and depressed with my family condition. We are 4 members in my family my parents, my younger sister and me. Family prayer was never important to me. My parents’ marriage was almost coming to an end. It was the 23rd year of their marriage and I always wished to celebrate my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary and see them renew their vows. My mom wasn’t staying with us anymore, it was clear to my dad that she didn’t want to stay with us. My sister and I were told that she has to go to work. I learnt about the whole situation within a short span of time. Initially, I was okay with it as I thought if she is happy then so be it. But over a period of time, I realized how important it is to have both your parents staying together. I was kind of helpless as whenever I asked my mom to come back she said “No“.

In our CFCI Singles meetings I learnt of how family comes first, about family prayer, personal prayer. We were never very close to pray so I took the initiative of saying family prayers in my house every day. The days when I used to forget, my dad used to remind me. It was really nice to see for a change. I also lifted up my parents’ relationship and my family in prayers; in every Eucharistic celebration I attended. It wasn’t easy for us to answer people whenever they asked about my mom. I found it difficult to manage the house chores and work at the same time.

In a year’s time, my mom came back home. Praise God! But we never spoke much, things still weren’t the same. Now, it was the 24th year of their marriage and the second year of them not talking to each other. I used to give up hopes on my parents but never gave up my trust in Him. I continued praying for my parents and my family. All I wanted to see was my family, united and one. I continued to say family prayers. That was the only time we all used to be together. It used to bring such peace in my heart. Slowly and gradually my parents started talking to each other. I still remember even if they spoke a sentence, my younger sister and I had a mini celebration and praised God.

This year 2017, is their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Our God is amazing! My sister and I witnessed my parents renew their wedding vows on 14th of May. That day was the happiest day of our lives. What can be more awesome than a blessing of our parents back to us?

All I have to say is I have witnessed God’s grace and so I testify today that never give up trusting in the Lord for He is truly faithful and will always be by your side to guide you!

‘Ask and you shall receive’

Pray to Him at all times.

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10 Responses to I witnessed a miracle!

  1. Wow. Amazing testimony Cean. A real eye opener… not to take family prayers for granted. Praise God for His faithfulness.

  2. Wow praise God Cean .. Our God is truely amazing and full of surprises.. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you Jesus ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cean Alphonso this testimony brought tears to me. amazing the way the Lord works and as Jessie said it an real eye opener to me tooooooooooooo…… God bless you and your family and He never changes and His mercies have no end.

    • Prajwal…I am so glad my testimony touched you. It is realy amazing to see god work his ways in our life and all we have to do is just love Him and surrender to Him.
      praise god for he his faithful and awesome!

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