Ignite – Mangalore

The CFCI – Youth Mangalore held it’s Youth intake camp “IGNITE” from 24th to 26th of May, 2017 at the Most Holy Redeemer Church Hall, Derebail, Mangalore. The three day camp was a time of fun, fellowship and learning about God, coupled with an extraordinary experience of God.

Day 1
The Camp began with the teaching of hymns, where the participants were filled with joy to praise God. The ice-breaker dance “As we walk to the left” helped the participants to get to know one another and share the little details of their lives with each other.

The team leaders gave the participants a brief introduction about the Camp, and it’s meaning, followed by a short snack-break.

The first talk on “God’s Love” brought about the realization that God has always loved us and no one can love us like He does. The talk illustrated that God has a bigger plan for us and He keeps us close to His heart. The Group Discussions after the talk helped the participants to share their understanding of the teaching.

After the group discussions, the participants were served meals and given some time to rest.

The music ministry gathered everyone back, and the participants sang and danced for the Lord with joy and a lot of energy.

This was followed by few outdoor games, which were arranged by the games ministry, where all the participants played together in their teams. During the second talk titled “Who is Jesus to me?“, the relationship that Jesus has with us was stressed upon. The illustration of the bridge between God and man, built by the cross brought about a whole new understanding to the way we perceive Christ Jesus.

The participants were led to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3 p.m. followed by some games and a break.

The third talk on “Repentance, Faith, Healing and Forgiveness” brought about the realization of the various sins we commit in our day-to-day lives, and how it affects our relationship with the Holy Trinity,and that God still loves us, and calls us back to Him,so we need to repent with faith and get the healing with forgiveness.

This was followed by few short games and a break. The open forum session was conducted to bring together youth to discuss real and relevant issues that they deal with in their communities. It gave the youth a platform for safe and open discussion, to reflect and express what they face in their everyday lives; and their questions were beautifully answered by the formators.

Day 2
The next day started with a recap of the first day, and the participants were made to prepare themselves for confessions by the examination of conscience, wherein they penned down their sins. This helped them make a good confession, and it also helped the participants understand the need for confession in their lives. The participants also got an opportunity to clarify their doubts, and let out their innermost feelings and struggles during the ‘One to One‘ session that followed thereafter.

After lunch, the participants were taken through a letter writing session, where they were made to write letters of appreciation and gratitude to their parents.

As the participants listened to the next talk on the “Power of the Holy Spirit“, they began to understand who the Holy Spirit is, and His importance in their lives. They were also explained the wonderful gifts and fruit which the Holy Spirit gives us when we call out to Him.

Later they moved towards the group discussion, where they cleared all their doubts about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and what gifts they could ask for.

The participants were taught beautiful worship hymns by the music ministry, and then they were taught how to praise God freely, by encouraging them to use various phrases by which they could praise God.The participants actively participated in praising God.

The teaching of the fourth talk set the tone for the next session, which was the In-filling of the Holy Spirit. This truly was the most beautiful part of the camp, as with one heart everyone called out and prayed to the Spirit of God to descend upon them. Many participants received the Gift of Tongues, and other different gifts of the Holy Spirit.

After the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, the Praise Fest was conducted, wherein the participants gave their all to God.

With this joy, everyone came together for the evening snack. This was followed by a campfire, where all the participants shared their experiences at the camp, and danced and sang praises to the Heavenly Father, followed by the game “The Queen of Sheeba“, which brought joy that evening.

Day 3
The last day of the camp began with a recap of the second day, followed by the last talk of the camp, “Growing in the Spirit“. This talk helped the participants understand that our walk with God doesn’t end with the camp, but needs to grow. And to do that, we have five tools to live by – Prayer, Word of God, Sacraments, Service and Fellowship, which when practiced regularly will enable us to grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord.

This was followed by a time of fellowship where water games were played. When the parents arrived, the participants gave their letters to their parents and the parents responded with an appreciative letter as well.The participants and their parents were really glad to show their love for each other through these letters. It was really a good time.

Overwhelming and gratifying testimonies were shared with all the parents and the camp ‘IGNITE – 2017’ came to a close with a time of praise fest and fellowship.

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