I’ll Praise you in the Storm

Since 2017, I’ve uprooted my life – changed jobs (twice), field of work (twice), embraced the life of an extrovert while moving to a city I had never visited before, where I had no relatives, a few acquaintances from the community, no backup plan and no funds in my bank

How was all this possible?

Chalk it up to our Awesome God.

It all began with me taking a leap of faith, one that landed me in Bengaluru, in a new job at a start-up. After God put in place my finances, helped with a nice little place to stay and thrust me into the warm embrace of the Bangalore community. I thought I was sailing on fairly stable seas.

When the storm hit.

It began around July with sudden attrition at the workplace. I wondered if my head was the next on the chopping block. With new team management coming in, my first reaction was defensive: I felt the need to protect my turf and establish my position. Those weren’t the best of times.

Through it all, the Lord was challenging me to humility and obedience to those he placed above me. It was a tough battle of wills, one that I kept losing, until, with constant support from my household, formators and family, I made the difficult decision to obey God, even when I didn’t understand what was going on. The call? To remain calm, and not retaliate with counter-arguments in defence of myself or my actions. And it wasn’t easy at all.

During this difficult time, the Lord kept speaking to me through Exodus 14: 14

“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to keep still.”

At first, it was unbearable to let go of the reins and to actually ‘be still’ – blame it on pride or a need for control. But then I realised that the more I let go and let God take control – changes were happening within me. I was able to look at those I couldn’t stand, with grace and love. The peace in my heart was so contagious that it spilled onto my face and touched the hearts of those around me. People couldn’t believe that I was the same person (honestly, neither could I). My situation hadn’t changed, but I definitely had.

After continuous prayer and discernment led by my formator, I felt the Lord encourage me to take another leap of faith. I decided to quit my job and trust that he would provide. Now, I’m not someone who takes chances – I mean, my back- up plans have back-up plans and yet, when I put down my papers on January 3, this year, no job in sight, (P.S. Kids, don’t try this at home). there was a conviction in my bones that I was doing the right thing. Never have I felt it more strongly. This time, I did have finances in place to help me take this decision and I felt myself free fall into the arms of the Father. What should have been one of the most gut-wrenching decisions of my life, was actually the most peaceful.

The final days of my notice period were the most fulfilling for me. I did some of my best work and got some great reviews from people who had tried to put me down before. And two days before I finally left my job, I was pursued by a consultant for a role that I would have thought too big for my boots, but the Lord kept encouraging me to open my heart and not to fear change. My entire period of unemployment lasted for two months, where He kept sending me to interview after interview (overcoming some incredible obstacles) until for the first time in my life, I had not one but two blue-chip companies – one an e-commerce company and the other one of the largest professional service firms in the world, courting me.

So, there I was, post Easter 2018, I chose the e-commerce company, taking another leap of faith into instability (or so I thought) until a month after I joined, my company received funding from one of the world’s largest retail chains. (God can be funny that way).

I’m not trying to share with you my resumé, here. By no means is this the end of my journey.
Here I am, little more than a child, honestly, in my walk with God. I am here, however, to testify to our faithful God, whose ways are greater than our minds can comprehend and who can only do great things when our hearts are totally obedient, completely open, and we surrender to his will.

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