In Him

“In Him, we live and move and have our being” ~ Acts 17:28

A three day Christian Life Seminar (CLS) – ‘In Him‘ was organized by CFCI Bangalore, for married couples from the 9th – 11th of June at Snehadaan, Bangalore.

The retreat started with the orientation program and an ice breaker session.

On the following day, the first session ‘The Father Heart of God‘ was given. It spoke about God’s love for us and his love expressed through the scriptures mainly focusing on the parable of the prodigal son. A CFCI couple member further testified the wonders that came to pass by God as her Father in her life. The participants were split into groups where they shared God’s love in their life.

The second teaching about ‘Jesus‘ and what it means to be a Christian, was given. The speaker spoke about the uniqueness of Jesus, and having an intimate relationship with the Lord. Another CFCI member shared and testified about her captivating love for Jesus and how her life has changed from when she accepted Jesus as her true Lord and God. Following the talk, the participants were split into groups and shared who was Jesus to them.

Later after lunch, an interesting session on ‘Sin‘ was given. The talk presented an overview of the Ten Commandments, and gave the participants a reality check on their lives. Many participants learnt the differences between mortal and venial sins. Another sharing was given by member that drew the participants to a more meaningful time with the Lord as she shared the forgiving heart of God.

Post this talk the participants were split into the groups for sharing. They spoke and clarified the areas of sin in their lives. For many participants it was a life altering talk as they were asked to look into areas of sin in their lives.

In the evening, the participants were addressed about the differences and challenges in marriage and what it takes to be a blessing to your spouse, being mindful and putting your spouse before every relationship. This further let the participants spend time with their spouses by talking and washing each other’s feet as a sign of forgiveness and repentance.

The third day began with Praise and Worship followed by the teaching on ‘Faith and Repentance‘. The speaker spoke on the different aspects of Faith and its importance in our Journey to heaven and further clarified misconceptions about our faith. A CFCI couple member shared about her faith in God and how repentance is the key to a happy family. The participants shared about their understanding of the talk and how it has changed their perception on faith and repentance.

The participants were also encouraged to have their one on ones, to share their lives and most importantly areas of struggle and sin. The one on ones with the group animators prepared them for a good confession through the sacrament of reconciliation, followed by the Holy Eucharistic celebration.

The participants shared their experience during the three days and the retreat ended with the Praise fest.

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