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I woke up this morning, unrested and weary
The Marathon on the Road to Discipleship seemed to have taken its toll on me
The Excess Baggage helped me understand deeper
That only way through, is to be Single Minded for the Redeemer

My story begins like any other
Trapped in a web of sin forever
When before me lay a thousand obstacles
All I could do was cry “Lord where are your Miracles?

It just so unfolded in a #LoveWins class that I was called The Fifth Gospel to be
Yet Cracking the Code to be a Successful Christian was just too much for me
So I whispered to Mary my heart’s desire
That Her son forever will I choose to  admire

How worldly I could be in her gentleness she revealed
My life of guilt in her love she healed
The power of my tongue I had abused to Glorify the Devil
But now it has learnt to Praise God, the Immortal

To be a pleasing Sacrifice I had a long way to go
The Dress Code is Christ for those of you who don’t know
No man is an island, so the Lord has gladly sent
His Saints and angels to help and guide and do as they were meant.

When the Magical world of my Sexuality was brought to the Cross
Decoding Happiness seemed like anything but a loss
Yet when the Lord said He was in love with me forever
All I could answer was who me? God are you sure?

If asked, “Who do people say you are?” I’d say for sure not an “Inspirational Catholic
For The Mystery of being a Christian is not something answerable by the general public
But God is my ABBA this I know deep in my heart
From this divine truth never could i depart

While reading about “The First Christmas” helped prepare for Jesus better
Going through Lent with the help of a Priest was another reward altogether
With Good Friday and Easter it was pretty clear
Jesus is my Hero, there can be no other

My Identity in Christ was not yet complete
Ecumenism at Home seemed to be an impossible feat
Why me Lord? I sometimes dared to ask
To bring a turning point in our family was quite an arduous task

Almost at the same time Online Catholic Resources made it clear
Prayers were required for the Elections that were very near
While Fides Et Ratio often I read
Daily the Eucharist to my soul I fed

A CFCI for Life I still need to learn to be
I Heard the Call, I said ‘YES’
But what about you! Are you Ready?

About Amulya Rodrigues

Amulya Rodrigues is a full time pastoral worker for Love Life and Family, Public Charitable Trust. Like a true Mangalorean she loves to eat pork. However her love for the Father God exceeds that. Known for her short and sweet nature, she enjoys finding silliness in the most dullest of places. Her academics has an equally interesting twist, having done her BA in English, Psychology, Criminology, she went on to do her masters in Multimedia and subsequently worked for Manipal Global before becoming a full timer. Her joy lies in knowing her Father God as you may catch her saying 'I am my father's daughter' with a huge grin.

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