“Many are called, but few are chosen.”
~ Matthew 22:14

A weekend retreat titled “Jumpstart 2016” was organized by the CFCI Bangalore community for the Holy Ghost Youth from 22nd Jan to 24th Jan 2016 at Nava Spoorthi Kendra (NSK), Bangalore. We were around 15 of us and all were super excited about this brand new experience.


The retreat was so beautifully planned, that each session helped us get closer to God. Ice breakers helped us to bond well with each other as well as with the service team. The ever enthusiastic music ministry made the praise and worship session extremely vibrant and we were able to praise and glorify God from the depths of our hearts. The talks were another important part of the retreat, where we got to know more about God. Some of the topics covered were: Father’s Love, Jesus and Christianity, Sin and Repentance. Group discussions helped us to know more about the talks and to take a look at where we were heading in life. The adoration sessions were times of extreme peace and brought healing to so many of us.

We were glad and blessed to be a part of this retreat. The organizers were such an inspiration to us, being thoroughly dedicated and focused on Christ. They all worked hard to make the three days a success. Not only did they help us experience God in a deeper manner but their continuous intercession was an inspiration to us all.


The retreat ended with Confession and Holy Eucharist. It was one of the best confessions that we had in a long time since the team took great pains to help us prepare for the same.

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