Kids Intake – Dapada

Couples for Christ India organized a one day kids’ program for the kids of Dapada, Gujarat on May 01, 2016. The full day event saw a huge participation of 100 kids between the age of 04- 09.

The program started on a high note where the kids were taught action songs such as “Duniya ke kone kone“,”Nachunga Gaunga” and “Jai Bolo“. Having learnt these amazing action songs, the kids were thrilled to be led into worship by Brother Darren.

Followed by worship, the kids were divided into two groups, based on their age group. The kids between the age group 08-12 were taken to a separate hall, where they had a lot of workshops awaiting them.

God loves me and he made me special“- was the first session of the program. This session was given by Sisters, Sarah and Jennifer, to the younger kids where they were made to do an activity named “Do you love me?“, which helped them have a brief idea about the talk. They were also made to sing some of the songs describing God’s love.

The session for the older kids was given by Brother Fredrick who helped them understand that God created the world for them and that they are precious to Him. They were also made to understand that God loves each one of them and made them in his own image and likeness. They were also told that God is a loving Father who loves them unconditionally, who cares for each one of them and has a special plan for them.

Jesus in my life“, the second session for the program was given by Brother Ashish for the younger kids. He demonstrated this through a puppet show, narrating the story of ‘Jesus walking on the water‘. This session helped the kids understand the importance of Faith in their lives. They were also told that Jesus is a very important part of their life, who is always willing to listen and answer their prayers. The kids were made to sing “Yeshu tera naam“, which gave them a brief idea of how Jesus can influence their lives. Following this, they were made to understand how they can lead Praise and Worship by Brother Darren.

The session for the older kids was given by Sister Pratima who explained how Jesus came to show God’s love to us and how he teaches us to respond to that love.

The session was followed by lunch and a few action songs like “Meri zindagi” and “Yeshu Baba“. Brother Ashish then led the gathering into Praise and Worship.

Following this was the third session of the day given by Sister Anju to the elder kids and Sister Amisha to the younger kids. Explaining what it means to be “Young enough to know Christ“, the younger kids were made to do some activities to have a brief idea about the talk. Sister Amisha then explained to the children that God has given each one of them different talents and they must all use them for his glory. They were also taught that they were young enough to experience Jesus in their lives and they all are called to be the witnesses of Christ.

The session for the older kids given by Sister Anju was “God forgives me and His mercy is everlasting“. Here they learnt how everyone makes mistakes, but we can always go back to God and ask Him for forgiveness, especially through the sacrament of confession. They were then guided by Clifford to write “Love Letters” for their parents.

This was followed by Praise Fest, where the children praised and worshiped God through all the action songs they learnt through the day. The day was concluded with a Thanksgiving Prayer by Rahul. The CFCI Kids Formator Abjija Bhai addressed the children thanking them for taking the time to come for this event. The children left the premises with a smile on their face, spiritually nourished and learning how to live a faithful Christian life, now and in the time to come.

Report by Darren Henry and Dorin Xavier

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