Kids Village 2013

CFCI Kids Bangalore
The Kids Village 2013 has been an amazing experience of God’s love and His work in us to trust Him wholeheartedly. As formators in the ministry, we always knew we had an enormous task at hand, i.e., the task of serving the ‘greatest’ and the most loved in the Kingdom of God. Knowing the stakes involved, we have always known that the task of lifting souls of the little ones to Christ is as delicate and unnerving as can be.

During the conceptualization phase, we experienced several anxiety pangs on the manner in which we needed to approach the program and whether we would be successful in getting all the singles to work cohesively, etc. It is through our frailties that the magnificent glory of the Lord is truly manifested.

As we started to go down on our knees, His work started to unfold before our eyes. It was when God spoke to our hearts that we truly understood His work of gathering the souls of the little ones into the circle of His love; our perception, our ideas, our views on the program, our thoughts were all reorganized to work in union with His purpose. It was only then that fear and anxiety disappeared and His will became ours, His desire became ours, His plan became ours. Through the process, He taught us to relentlessly focus on one aspect – TO PRAY.

Session by ConroyIt was also marvelous to work with the CFCI Singles and experience first-hand their struggles and companionship in their walk with Christ. To an extent our initial understanding of their perception towards the calling was a revelation to us, but gradually, the excitement of being called by the Lord for such an awesome task appeared to slowly sink in. It was gratifying to see the battles being fought by the singles to constantly lift the children, the village and all the work being done. We believe the Kids Village has, through the process of preparation and execution, drawn (by leaps and bounds) each of the singles involved closer to Christ.

It was also wonderful to experience the zeal and desire in the hearts of each of the community members to ‘be there’ for Christ before and during the Kids Village. The enthusiasm of each of the community members went far beyond their individual call to serve the community. The enthusiasm was clearly witnessed when the community members went on their knees interceding for the event and the children during the Kids Village.

To us, most gratifying was the awesome work of the Lord in the lives of each of the little ones all through the day of the Kids Village and for the rest of their lives. The conviction that each of the little ones will be claimed for His kingdom and that they will look to Jesus as their most beloved friend, companion and saviour was so deep in our hearts that when the curtains went down on the program, it was sheer bliss for all of us.

Through the Kids Village, we came to understand clearly and differentiate ‘fear’ from ‘fear of the Lord’. An understanding, which we believe, will lead us in wisdom as we continue to pray for the little ones.
Service Team

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