Lent – your all new Give Up list

It is February already! While we are still in the afterglow of the Christmas season, it is time to say hello to Lent. One of my personal favorite seasons (weirdo that I am) and along with Lent comes the list of ‘sacrifices’ and ‘abstinences’. While we have become comfortable giving up meat, of late the young crowd (which I still relate myself with, deniers can take a hike) have come up with more innovative ‘give ups’ for Lent.

While I am trying not to completely rip-off my inspiration for this post (thanks Christina Mead!), I am making an attempt to create a ‘give-up’ and ‘take-up’ list closer to the Indian youth context.

Ash Wednesday - Cross on the Forehead

So here we go (taking a deep breath and saying a prayer):
Why don’t we try giving-up a few of these:

  1. Watching pirated movies
  2. Watching pirated TV Shows
  3. Listening to pirated songs
  4. Basically, that torrent client!
  5. Having severe and venomous political debates or any debate for that matter (especially the YouTube comment section ones :P)
  6. Using the word ‘Swag
  7. Using bad language
  8. Pornography
  9. Cracking adult, non-veg, whatever-you-call-them jokes
  10. Watching ‘adult’ ( IMO they’re more juvenile!) stand-ups on YouTube
  11. Restricting WhatsApp usage (I heard that gasp!)
  12. Social media (I heard that one too…)
  13. Eating fast food (Sorry Col. Sanders and Ronald)
  14. Fighting with parents
  15. Fighting with anyone
  16. Road rage
  17. Bragging about yourself (‘…I lay my pride by my side ’)
  18. Being the ‘partayyyy’ person
  19. Excessive shopping
  20. Watching reality shows
  21. Watching the ICC World Cup (okay, I’m kidding… though it doesn’t count if you’re not a cricket fan!)
  22. Behaving rudely with rickshaw wallahs, chai wallahs, office boys, rag-pickers, maids, security wallahs, waiters…
  23. Not talking to other people about your faith (totally stole this one)

And why don’t we try taking up a few of these:

  1. Saying a rosary for our government and country
  2. Reaching out to an orphanage, old age home and spending time there
  3. Helping out at home
  4. Going for daily mass
  5. Going for daily sacrament adoration
  6. Following traffic rules
  7. Wearing a helmet
  8. Visiting Catholic.com, Lifeteen.com, ewtn.com and other Catholic websites
  9. Picking up an apologetics book
  10. Having your own ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign in your neighborhood
  11. Reading about the saints
  12. Helping out in your parish
  13. Saying ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’ (Vanilla stuff, but we miss these all the time!)
  14. Smiling at the people mentioned in #22 of the ‘give-ups’ (just don’t creep them out!)
  15. Praying for the one person who annoys you the most
  16. Hugging and saying a few good things to your parents / guardians / siblings every morning

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I am sure there are so many more things that you can add to these lists. Maybe you can let me know some of them by posting them in the comment section below and while you do it, please do go to the original post too. There are a lot of ideas there! But yeah, don’t forget to keep in mind the true spirit of Lent – Reconciliation with our God and removing obstacles that keep us from living that awesome life in Him.

Have a fruitful, blessed and joyful Lent!

About Biron D'Souza

Biron is an ever inquisitive, ever reading, everyday Catholic. He loves God, the catechism, history, dancing crazy and speaking to people (a lot!). He's into marketing by profession and tries to be a nice guy when he's not boring you with his stories. He's married to Andrea - who has somehow survived his incessant blabbering - and they are based out of Bangalore, India.

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9 Responses to Lent – your all new Give Up list

  1. Love this article. 😀 😀 😀

    Here is my list
    1) Do a little drawing every day (this is gonna be d hardest)
    2) Complete a Spiritual book by the end of lent
    3)Stop judging people
    4) Breath n remember God is in control

    A small list to a big change 😀

  2. God bless you brother for writing this.
    Looking forward to try n act in the above made points and also a couple of more.
    Lent is also my favorite seasons and Easter.So i guess,that makes two weirdos now 🙂
    Thank you!

  3. You covered everything I could think of! Loved this. Looking forward to Lent now. Would add “biting my tongue when gossip is on the loose” to the list

  4. Brilliantly written. Biron has always been an inspiration to me. His love for Christ and the need to cut out even small sins is very evident in this article. Sins we take for granted.

    As He said, it isn’t an exhaustive list. It is my belief that each of us should pick a few areas which we really struggle in and work on those. Rather than aiming for plenty and falling short.

    Keep up the good work brother.

    • Thanks Ehrlson! The inspiration is definitely mutual!

      I agree with picking small areas, even if it is just that one thing. A simple area where I had a big problem was excessive drinking of carbonated drinks (may not be a classic example of a sin, but definitely harmful to the body). Decided to quit all carbonated drinks one Lent, and it really broke the addiction altogether. 🙂

      Praying for a great Lent for you brother!

  5. Biron nice work! I think there’s a lot giving up to do. Letting go of things that are not life giving and putting on things that are eternal significance. I wanna give up being rude to people who get on my nerves and begin going for mass daily. I pray we all experience the Grace we need to change continue this even post Lent. Blessed season to you all.