Lent is a time to Give

The Lenten Season was fast approaching and the Calangute Chapter was looking for activities that could bring about a sense of surrender to God. After much prayer, it was decided that there was no better way to offer themselves than to evangelize.

Looking at the structure of the LCSC, it was well fitting to have this event, in the 40 days of lent. Ground work started a month in advance with visits to the Parish Priests in the three areas that the Couples were present; Calangute, Nagoa and Saligao. The members travel from Candolim to the Calangute Chapter, so the need was felt to have an activity there as well. The logistics were managed by a household from Saligao, who have to be given some credit for their painstaking efforts in getting this done.

The first talk didn’t have the best response probably since the dates were constantly shifted. Finally, being informed at the last minute, the following talks saw a better response. All the way up to the third talk, there were a lot of members who were not completely sure about the program, constantly leaving or coming back.

Logistics were worked out, Team Leaders and respective Leaders were selected for the different areas and on different days too, to make sure that there were no clashes. Necessary announcements went out from the Altars of 4 parishes and the members in community prepared themselves with the necessary training, prayer and fasting to fight the forces of the evil one that would try to destabilise everything.

The LCS has 5 main talks and since lent has 6 full weeks one week was added for Confession after the third session on Faith and Repentance. Coincidentally the first talk of the LCSC, ‘Jesus the Messiah‘ started in Calangute on Ash Wednesday. The last talk, ‘Growing in the Spirit‘ was held on Friday at Candolim, a week prior to the Holy Week.

In each area there were about 15 to 20 members in attendance including the service team. The entire LCSC ended with eight handmaids completing the entire program. There were a lot more who showed up for different talks and left mid-way. All the members who went through the program felt that it helped them grow in some way or the other. Some even going so far as to say, they were quite lukewarm and now they wanted to do more for God.

The LCSC was a fruitful experience for both the Team Members as well as the participants. Feeling the strong Love of Christ at the LCSC the participants wanted more so it was decided to take up the Community Orientation Program for the LCSC members in June.

Sheila and Christopher as Chapter leaders of the Calangute Chapter, did an amazing job in putting up the entire event and gathering all the people to make it happen. A lot of members who attended the event also agreed that their works and passion for getting the Lords work done, is noteworthy and inspiring.

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