Little Girls Overnight

“Let the children come to me, and do not stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these!”

Oh! How blessed it is to see the world through the eyes of a child! How wonderful it is to be God’s little girl! A daughter of the King! Royalty!

That’s what the “Little Girls Overnight” was all about. Learning new skills, discovering new things, making new friends and enjoying being Royalty.

My first reaction as I saw the girls, aged between 12-14, was fear (‘How do I relate to them? How am I supposed to behave around them? What if they think I’m weird?’). And I’m pretty sure they had similar thoughts running through their minds. But as the hours went by, the ice was broken and everyone was quite comfortable and began having fun.

We had praise and worship sessions, played some mad games, had a crazy dancing session, watched 2 movies, learnt to make cup-cakes and decorate them, put face packs on each other, went for an adventurous evening walk (and said the rosary, while we were at it), watched the sunset…. Phew!! So many things we did in that one weekend!!

And in the midst of all that madness and fun, we learnt that we are special and greatly loved; that each of us is the daughter of the King and that makes us Royalty. The little girls learnt about their changing bodies, discovered new skills and talents (or rather, learnt to identify some of them), made new friends and had such a wonderful time, that at the end of it, they didn’t want to go back home!!

Oh! And if you’re wondering… they did think I was weird! Not just me, but I think they found the other sisters who served, weird in their own way too. Haha! But that helped them to relax and understand that Christianity is not about being serious but being full of joy, and that God loves you just the way you are, however mad you may be!

So much Jesus taught me in those 2 days. Such a beautiful experience of love and healing He poured into my heart through my sisters, who served with me (Abigail, Marissa & Reena), the couple in-charge of us (Tito Cedric & Tita Sarita) and the 10 little girls who participated. Each of us left from there with something new and beautiful; with a spring in our step and joy in our hearts!

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