Live Christ Share Christ – Priests Conference 2018

A ‘Priest Conference‘ on the theme of LIVE CHRIST SHARE CHRIST (LCSC) – which dwelt on evangelization and re-evangelization of families in order to empower them to become agents of evangelization, was held by the initiative of the Archbishop of Patna, CFCI and CFCFFL along with CCBI Family Commission at Patna at the Navjyoti retreat centre on 26th February which commenced at 4 pm and ended on 28th February with lunch.

The programme was attended by 80 priests which included priests from the dioceses of Hazaribagh, Betia, Kunti, Purnia, Raigarh, Jashpur, Patna, Bhagalpur, Buxar, and Asansol.

The program was graced by the Archbishop of Patna Rev. Fr. William D’Souza, the Bishop of Asansol Rev. Fr. Cyprian Monis, CCBI Family Commission Executive Secretary Fr. Milton, Family Commission Karnataka Region incharge Fr. Anil D’Souza, our leaders of CFCFFL Servant General Frank Padilla and CFCFFL India Co-ordinator Ramon Arguelles.

The conference began with worship led by Levin Gomes which was followed by Fr. Michael, Director of Navjyoti, welcoming the gathering.

Archbishop William D’Souza SJ addressed the gathering and spoke about how revealing the word of God is and touches all of us, especially when shared by a lay person and also how it promotes tremendous joy in the family. This was followed by the Eucharistic celebration by the Bishop of Asansol Rev. Fr. Cyprian Monis. The day ended with the Eucharistic celebration and brother Frank addressing the gathering on topics in an open forum.

Day two commenced with the Eucharistic celebration during which worship songs were led by Levin and Chriselle Gomes. Bishop Rev. Fr. Cyprian Monis addressed the gathering. Fr. Anil then gave his living witness of the LCSC – Live Christ Share Christ movement in Mangalore diocese, especially in promoting Amoris Laetitia which is an exhortation by Pope Francis addressing the pastoral care of families. Brother Frank later addressed the gathering where he spoke about present evils that are attacking the families mainly divorces, same-sex marriages, contraception, abortion, etc., and how to overcome this. This was followed by a life sharing by Levin and Chriselle.

Brother A.V. Jose encouraged the priests on the word of God and shared life examples on how the word of God has been fruitful in life. Brother Almark then shared how the repetition of the word of God changed the situations he was in.

Brother Ramon Arguelles then spoke on the 4 pillars of Evangelisation & LCSC – Live Christ Share Christ which comprised of Live Full, Live Life, Live Pure and Live the Word.

This session gave a gist of what LCSC is all about and how we could implement it in our parishes. Brother A. V. Jose then shared his experiences on intercession and stressed how important intercession is. The day ended with adoration which was led by Fr. Johnson, Kurji parish priest.

Day Three began with the Eucharistic celebration in Hindi. Worship songs were led by Anand Minj. The first session was given by brother Frank. The second session was given by Rev. Fr. Milton, he spoke about the CCBI (Conference of Catholic Bishops India) – Commission for Family which endeavors to address all the family related needs, and enables families to grow spiritually. He also spoke about points on how the CCBI has decided to further the work of evangelisation through families.

The third session was given by brother A.V Jose. He encouraged the priests to take up this work of evangelisation to their villages and respective diocese.

The programme came to an end with an open sharing by the priests who attended the conference. It was such a humbling moment to see the priests come and share their experience that they had during this conference. They also encouraged each other to start LCSC in their respective parishes.

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