Live Pure Conference

Live Pure, a three-day conference for the Couples for Christ India – Youth was held from 4 Sept – 6 Sept 2016, at Lar de Estudantes, Panjim, Goa.

The conference began with a few ice breaker games and teaching of action songs. After we settled down and were ready for some input, it was time for a teaching by Marissa Andrews on God’s love and how we are created in his image and likeness. The session also spoke about how man and woman are made equal but different physically, emotionally and spiritually and that our differences complement each other. The notion of love, saw a new meaning. The love of the Holy Trinity and the love of Jesus at Calvary is free, total, faithful and fruitful and that is the love God calls us to live out.


The second session dealt with the relationship between body and soul. The body expresses what the soul desires, the two are intertwined and create a oneness between each other. Joshua Cordeiro in this session, explained that our body cannot act without the soul, and if it does, it does not fulfil the blueprint by which we have been created, and thus one would not be truly happy. The sexual act between a husband and his wife is in fact a renewal of their marriage vows and so can only happen within the sacrament of marriage. Also, only within a marriage can love be expressed through the sexual act as being free, total, faithful and fruitful.

Day two introduced the participants to the shallow worldly ideas of “love“. Levin Gomes, in his session explained that it is not hate that is the opposite of love, but is in fact lust. While love comes from God and cannot exist without him, lust is apart from God. While love is honest and life giving, lust is devious and destructive. Love is about the other person; love is being prepared to be hurt if it means the best for the other. And by the virtue of our creation we deserve nothing but love!

The session was followed by the open forum, during which the participants were given an opportunity to ask any questions on topics such as physical intimacy, chastity, homosexuality, contraception, scientific methods of fertilization. This was followed by a similar session on modest dressing. During the session, the participants were told how modest dressing may not be ‘hottest‘, but is definitely beautiful.

After the morning session, participants were given an hour before the Blessed Sacrament for adoration and examination of conscience, to help them prepare for the sacrament of reconciliation.

This was followed by the “Lord’s Day Celebration” led by Tita Blossom and Tito Joshua. The day ended with a talent show where the youth showcased their talents brilliantly and some even came up with songs of camp.

Day three of the conference began with the celebration of the Eucharist. The teaching given by Reuben Carvalho spoke about some real time protection techniques from temptations in our daily lives! He explained how we can seek protection from these temptations by actively seeking God through daily prayer, confession, the Holy Eucharist, examining oneself and by making small sacrifices. By including all of this in our regular lives, we shall be assured of living holy and chaste lives.

The following session given by Erushka De Sousa addressed the questions of what the youth need to focus on during their life as a youth as they are too young for marriage and they need to discern their calling. The session explained the 3 different stages of relationships, i.e. acquaintance, friendship and marriage. It also spoke of Christian dating and courtship and how youth need to look for bridesmaids or best-men in their youth and not for brides or grooms.

The praise and worship during the conference was led by the Music Ministry, deepening the connection with the Holy Spirit through song and music. The conference also saw an outdoor Aeropraise! All the activities and games conducted through the program were so apt and helped drive home the message in a creative manner.

Group discussions and one-on-ones with the group leaders helped the youth to widen their knowledge and deepen their understanding of themselves and God’s plan for them.

Live Pure made a great impact on the youth as it addressed and straightened the values twisted by the media, environment, and the entertainment industry. It answered questions and cleared doubts that filled the adolescent minds. At Live Pure, the youth were told the truth about their sexuality in black and white, omitting the shades of grey, so beautifully and conveniently portrayed by the world.

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4 Responses to Live Pure Conference

  1. Such an amazing summary of the 3 days that made such a huge difference in us!

    The Live Pure weekend made me realise how differently our minds- male and female are wired. Now, I see so many things from a different and correct perspective. Whenever I’m faced with a decision to take, the questions that settle it all are… “Will what I do, wear, say or present, be a stumbling block for somebody else to fall into the pit of sin?” And “Is this my thought or action that of love (selfless), or lust(selfish)?”

    As St. John Paul II rightly quoted, “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” The others may be the ones leading us to stumble as well, but we are called to pray for them and thank God for the goodness in them… ’cause by the virtue of our creation, each of us deserve nothing but love!

    • I feel we are really fortunate to be recipients of such an amazing program. Really thought us what love is. Love is total free fruitful and faithful. Such programs really teach us the thruth which is contrary to what the world and the media teach us.