Live Pure

Following Christ isn’t easy. You need faith, patience, love … and courage… courage to take the first step towards Him and keep walking. After all, it is not a simple decision and may seem impossible or meant only for the extraordinary. But on 29th May, 2011, forty very ‘ordinary’ youth dared to do the impossible…they committed themselves to Christ by leading a 100% pure life.

The 100% Pure Weekend was held at Don Bosco Odxel, Taleigao, Goa from 27th-29th May, 2011. The camp had youth in attendance from Panaji and Porvorim. The 100% Pure lifestyle is based on the life that God has called each one of us to live out – a life that glorifies Him. There are 9 standards that we strive to first attain and then maintain, namely, 0% Alcohol, Smoke free, Drug free, True love waits, Virgin and proud, Por-NO, No to homosexuality, No to Masturbation, Pro-life.

The initial part of the program involved a questionnaire and introspection that tackled key issues, like their struggles with purity in the form of ‘sexual sins’ or ‘lifestyle choices’. Furthermore, they were made aware of the contradictory message that looms large in the world today. This was done in order to make them aware that their actions not only have physical and emotional repercussions, but spiritual ones as well.

In a very interesting and informative open forum, the youth left no stone unturned. They openly
asked questions ranging from teen relationships to why the use of condoms is “so wrong”. Tony Correia put the young minds at ease and by the end of that morning, everyone, including the team, felt empowered, reassured and satisfied. The day then found the youth before the Blessed Sacrament, examining their conscience with the help of our Lord. They were then led directly into confession to be cleansed from the inside out.

A celebration was held that night to rejoice in their new found freedom. Everyone was requested to wear white to symbolize their inner purity. All those present partied with gusto and the celebration culminated in a powerful, Spirit-led worship which was led by Dwayne Figueiredo.

The final session of the camp entailed the Christian perspective of a pure lifestyle. Participants were enlightened with the implications of living a life that does not glorify God. They were faced with a call to be 100% pure and strive to live a life that is 100% pure from that day onwards. All forty participants made the commitment to purity in the presence of our Lord and signed their commitment cards to serve as a reminder of the oath taken.

Armed with the weapons of purity and love, support and guidance of their elders, they set out
to be warriors of purity.

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