Lost but Found – Porvorim

The Narrator is kidnapped on his way home from work after having a very good day. He forgets his pass, but his boss lets him in. He had lent a friend money, the friend paid him back. He prays regularly and does everything a good respectable Catholic should be doing. On his way home from work, he is kidnapped and the kidnappers tell him about his inheritance and that they need the money.


They weren’t the best kidnappers, as they didn’t remember major plot points and do proper research. Neither were they too harsh, they didn’t torture or starve him but instead got comfortable with him. He doesn’t bother escaping and does all that they ask him and finally they have what they want and decide to kill him.

When they are about to do this, the narrator realises that he hadn’t prayed the entire time and begins to pray. He realises that he is ready for what is about to happen. The kidnappers have a change of heart and decide to spare him and they let him go and leave the city. He doesn’t bother pursuing them.

We as the audience know this story as the narrator is narrating it from different locations, telling people this story and how it helped him change and renew his faith. Finally we see him narrating it to an CFCI Singles group and there are many there as well who find this an amazing inspiration and feel that they can keep the faith, when they have had troubles far smaller than this.

Lastly, we see one of the indecisive kidnappers, who was somehow instrumental for convincing the others to spare his life, tell the narrator that he had a change of heart and asks for his forgiveness and tells him that he never meant for any of this to happen. It ends with us seeing the same kidnapper, telling his story and trying to get people to keep their faith the way the narrator has been doing this entire time.

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