Love Forum

‘Love Forum’ was part of the CFCI Youth night out program, held at Polali and the first of its kind I attended. The aspect of love and the rich red atmosphere at the ‘Love Forum’ was a different kind of experience despite being unaware of what was in store for us. Dressed up in red in midst of balloons and decorations, we began the forum in a beautiful setting.

We learned how to share our affection and love at various levels beginning with love at home to that in a relationship. We were made aware of the beauty of love at these levels, about how it is sacred and must be respected. In an interactive session we also cleared our doubts on love. The session included a sharing where the speaker shared his life with us, so as to how he applied the ideals learnt at the ‘Love Forum’ in his life.

The event was also about spending quality time with my brothers and sisters as we rarely get to spend so much time with each other which are now Sweet Memories.

Delora Serrao

‘Love Forum’ was a breathtaking learning curve as the session explained different forms of love and different ways of expressing it. I learned the CFCI Youth teaching on love. The forum provided an opportunity to clarify doubts and put forth our views. Being 19, I definitely had a few questions up my sleeve.

The testimony given during this session was touching and took the session to a whole new level reinforcing the principles of love. Time spent with my fellow brothers gave me an opportunity to share and strengthen my bond with them. After this session I had a whole new perspective on love which is special, sacred and not to be toyed with.

Rayner Monteiro

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