MAD with Christ

Every Christian Life Seminar (CLS) is a fresh opportunity to spread the message of hope and make our Savior known to others. With this thought in mind, the members of CFCI Singles (Porvorim chapter) held their CLS at the Holy Cross Chapel Porvorim which began on 24th April 2018 titled, Make a Difference (MAD). It was indeed heartwarming to see singles attend in large numbers with a total of 42 registrations on the first evening. The atmosphere was a mixture of emotions with each person attending for a different reason; some out of curiosity, others out of excitement while still others looking for healing and a deeper relationship with God.

The CLS was divided into 3 modules consisting of 3 sessions each. The introductory session, “The search for happiness”, was delivered by Dr Ehrlson in which he stressed the point that ‘Only in Christ can we quench the constant restlessness in our lives’.

In the first module, the participants were introduced into the Divine realm and made aware of the Love of the Father. In the same module, at a later session, they were brought to the knowledge of sin. After the session, one of the participants said: “There are so many things that I’ve done and didn’t know was a sin until now.”

After this, the participants were taken through the sacrament of reconciliation. It was indeed delightful to see the joyful look on their face after being set free from the weight of sin. The sessions that followed were ‘ An introduction to Praise and Worship’ and a talk on ‘The Holy Spirit’.

An extremely important and vital part of every CLS is the infilling session in which the participants experience the Holy Spirit in a tangible way. Care was taken to make the atmosphere conducive by dimming the lights and selecting soothing hymns. This set the tone for the pray-over in which the group discussion leader along with an assistant prayed over the participant. It was delightful to see the participants empowered and joyful during this session. As a testimony to the mighty working of God that evening, some shared about healings received while others shared about their change of heart. Despite a heavy downpour, attendance that evening was phenomenal. The sessions of the CLS that followed touched upon living and growing in the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the CLS, all the members felt encouraged when the participants shared their journey over the past few months. For some, the feeling of belonging was satisfied in the community while others found great comfort in the knowledge of the love and forgiveness of God. A few others shared how this journey had helped them find a new meaning and purpose to life.

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