Made for Love: Young Couples Conference 2012

Couples for Christ India held a conference for Young Couples entitled: “Made for Love.” It was based on

Hebrews 4:16 – “His grace in our need”

and also on the theology of the body by Blessed John Paul II.

Young Couples and their children from all across India came to Snehadhan Pastoral Health Care, Bangalore and attended the said conference. The conference was loaded with teachings, and was able to give loads of time for participants to connect with their spouse, have worship and action plan for when they go back to their “everyday” lives.

There was also a date night whose goal was to help couples rekindle the romance – and also setting an example of what they can do on a regular basis.

The speakers of the weekend were:

  • The Silent Cry – Kim Xavier
  • Parenting – Tony and Maria Corriea
  • The Mind of God on Marriage – Tony Corriea
  • Falling in Love – Francis and Ana Menezes
  • Open Forum – Tony , Maria, Francis and Ana

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