Mama Mary

Mama Mary, come to me,
Hold me tight till I find peace in thee.

Mama Mary, tell me true,
How can I be pleasing to you?

Mama Mary won’t you share,
Little secrets to getting There?

Mama Mary, please sing sweetly,
That I may live, to live eternally.

About Amulya Rodrigues

Amulya Rodrigues is a full time pastoral worker for Love Life and Family, Public Charitable Trust. Like a true Mangalorean she loves to eat pork. However her love for the Father God exceeds that. Known for her short and sweet nature, she enjoys finding silliness in the most dullest of places. Her academics has an equally interesting twist, having done her BA in English, Psychology, Criminology, she went on to do her masters in Multimedia and subsequently worked for Manipal Global before becoming a full timer. Her joy lies in knowing her Father God as you may catch her saying 'I am my father's daughter' with a huge grin.

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