Manipur Mission

On the 14th of May, 2015, a team of three couples and their families from CFCI Goa travelled to Imphal, Manipur, on a mission to start CFCI in the said area. The mission team of Jerry, Margaret and Danika D’Sa, Agnel and Flory Carvalho and James, Melfee and Jervis Braganza conducted a Christian Life Seminar at St. Paul’s Retreat House in Mantripukri. They were warmly welcomed and hosted by Fr. Thomas who co-operated with the team in every way possible.

The CLS was scheduled to begin on the 15th of May but due to the declaration of a bandh in Imphal, it could not happen. Normally, bandhs in that place get very severe and tend to last for a minimum of three days. But God answered the prayers of His faithful and after requesting other CFCI members to intercede, the team was able to begin the CLS the very next day.

On the first day of the CLS a few couples attended and a few more joined on the second day. The three couples delivered all the talks along with testimonies while Agnel and Jervis handled the music ministry. Makeover sessions were arranged for those who missed out on the first day. This CLS had sixteen participants in total comprising of six couples and four others whose spouses were not present. At the end of the seminar, every single participant took the commitment following which a chapter leader was appointed. A Leader’s Training Program was also conducted by the team.

At the end of the CLS all the participants shared about the fact that they had never attended a seminar like this before. They reported being very touched by the life experiences that were shared by the team members.

While on mission, the team had the opportunity of meeting the Arch Bishop of Manipur, His Lordship Dominic Lumon along with the Vicar General of Manipur. They were very happy to receive the team and assured them of their full support in the future.


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