On Your Mark, Get Set, Go – Chennai

The Kids Village with the theme – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go was held in Chennai on November 17, 2013. CFCI Singles from Bangalore organized various workshops and activities which were welcomed by the kids with much vigor and enthusiasm.

Elvis Dias, who taught the kids a number of action songs, also introduced the theme of the Kids Village. With a sparkle in their big eyes, the kids learnt that “On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!” was the race to ‘Heaven’. They were made to understand that everybody should go to heaven as heaven is where our true home is.

Amanda Monterio gave the first workshop on the theme ‘Saints’. She spoke about different saints and their lives. She explained how God’s plan for each of the kids was to become a saint and go to heaven. She shared that just as God wished Jeremiah and the other saints to go to heaven to him; he wished the same for everyone.

The second workshop was on the theme ‘Talents’, given by Maria Laveena. She shared some of her experiences on how she was truly sorry for being poignant that her talents were inferior compared to her school-mates. Biron D’souza, CFCI Single from Chennai shared on how Jesus saved him when he was truly sorry for all his sins.

Maria explained that as Jesus loves and saves us every day, it’s our duty to Know Him, Love Him, and Serve Him. And to do that, she asked the kids to use all the little qualities and talents that He had blessed them with. The kids were also told that none of their talents were far superior or inferior to others, and they could all go to heaven by using their talents in the right way.

After a tiny break, the kids were back in action and songs like inward-outward, mambole were a hit among the kids. Few short films on the saints and many other activities and games were conducted throughout the day.

The next workshop was conducted by Kelvin Castelino, on the theme ‘Holy Spirit’. Kelvin, who was dressed up like a priest explained that all of us can feel the presence through the Eucharistic celebration, with our five senses. He explained in detail on how through our sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, we could feel the Holy Spirit. He concluded by saying that one needs to pray to the Holy Spirit daily, to choose the right path every day.

The last workshop for the day was on the theme ‘Forgiveness’ given by Lavisha Saldanha. The singles enacted a skit for the kids on this theme. Lavisha told them, that it was important to forgive people even if they had hurt us because God forgives all of us. The kids who liked the skit wanted more of such acts. The fun-filled day was brought to an end with a praise fest. The kids performed all the new action songs in front of their parents and also shared what they had learnt at the Kids Village.


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