Marriage Enrichment Retreat – Pune

The Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) was held at Loyola’s Retreat House, Pashan, Pune, from the 21st-23rd September 2018. The CFCI service team were in awe to see a full house, as there were 12 couples who attended the retreat, in spite of having other commitments, duties and responsibilities towards their children.

The first session commenced on Friday evening, itself. They enthusiastically participated in all the sessions and were an exemplary audience, too many. There were sessions like ‘Serving God through Christian Marriage’, ‘The Christian Couple as a Pastoral Team’, ‘Role of a Christian Husband’, ‘Role of a Christian Wife’, ‘Communication in Marriage’, ‘Healing our Marriages’ and ‘Building our Homes for God’. On Saturday, the participants had ‘The Lord’s day celebration’. An Inner Healing session too was conducted by the service team.

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One Response to Marriage Enrichment Retreat – Pune

  1. The point which did not come through was:
    They came with six small children ranging from a few months to two & a half years in age – that showed their commitment.