Mary, Our Mother

Mother most gentle, most kind and pure,
She who was chosen to bring Christ to us all;
Many still lived, more powerful and fun,
Yet the littlest and humblest would bear God’s son.

Spouse of God’s spirit, she was one with the Lord,
Blessed is the fruit of her womb- the son of God;
She became the channel of this Holy Incarnation,
Can’t we then through her, taste Him who is our cup and portion?

Ave Maria, we hail our queen rejoicing,
For she makes of our prayers, a perfect offering;
In her heart alone, God dwells most perfectly,
Under her holy mantle, there’s protection for everybody.

Holy Mary, mother of God, most tender and sweet,
We, her poor children cry out to her trustingly;
Pray for us sinners, that our sins may be forgiven,
Now and especially at the hour of our separation.

She knows every dream of ours, no man is ever far,
Every wish she sees, no trouble of ours is barred;
“Be with us Mary along our way to heaven,
That we may forevermore see God in His glory. Amen”

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