Mary, Our Mother

Someone who loves us unconditionally is our Mother Mary. Mama Mary is someone who won’t leave our side at any cost. She’s the one who will hold our hands and take us to paradise She will listen to our prayers and help us, talk to Jesus and pray for us to her son. Mother Mary won’t ever let her children cry out of pain and sorrow. She will always be beside us to wipe our precious tears and to comfort us and her prayers for us will never fail, her love for us will never run out and her merciful eyes will never leave sight of our hearts.

She is someone who will hold our hand and say

“You are my child and you will not have any problems if you come to me and pray”.

Her smile can change the world, her smile can make everything fine, She’s a mother who won’t leave your side no matter how sinful and heavy laden you are. She will never ever hurt you or make you feel unworthy. We have been given the beautiful gift of mama Mary

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One Response to Mary, Our Mother

  1. So beautifully written Alreena. Her smile can surely brighten our lives. You truly are her precious little child.