Mary, Our Mother

Mary is called our Heavenly Mother. She is like a star that shines every day. Her beautiful smile brings joy to us. Mary is the mother of Jesus and her birthday, that is, 8th September is celebrated as Mother’s day. Mary is a such a beautiful name. Mother Mary is sweet and nice, loving, caring and adorable.

Mary means:
M-Mother of mine
R-Rich in heart
Y-Yearns to do God’s will

Mother Mary is our first mother who takes care of us through the day and night. When I heard of the story of Jesus’s birth for the first time, I felt special and blessed.

When Christmas is nearing I always get excited and am full of joy, I can’t wait to decorate my house with lights, Crib, Christmas tree and prepare sweets and chocolate.

I thank Mother Mary for her gift of Jesus to us and for saying ‘yes’ to God’s will for her.

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