MER 1 – Kolkata

With the grace of God and the endeavour of the service team, the CFCI Kolkata chapter was able to organize a 2-day Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) program in Bengali. Amidst a lot of barriers, we were determined to have it and God was with us as we prepared and conducted the entire program. It was a blessing that we started it on a very auspicious day, Palm Sunday, the 14th April 2019, where we all attended mass at St. Patrick’s Church, DumDum and moved on to Proggaloy retreat centre, Barasat.

After registrations and settling down in our respective rooms, we began by giving praise to our God. After praise and worship, we moved on to the first Talk, where we realized that God not only has plans for us as individuals but has plans for us, as a couple and even for our families. The second talk was post-lunch, it was delivered so beautifully that no one blinked an eye, but rather were eager to understand on how they as couples, can become a team to serve our God.

Talks 3 and 4 made the roles of husbands and wives very clear and more so because of the testimonies and life experiences of the speakers. The day ended with Talk 5 on ‘Effective Communication’, which the participants understood and practised even as they shared after each session.

The sharing helped the participants to become more open to their spouses, which definitely brought about a positive change in their relationship. After the power-packed schedule, we had games and a little fun to relax before we retired for the night.

Day 2 started with Talk 6 right after praise and worship, where the participants clearly understood that the deep-rooted hurts from their past lives are the cause of their present-day turmoil. The inner healing session following this helped them to identify their hurts and come to terms with it. They were able to let go of the unforgiveness that they were holding on to and also accept their weaknesses. We felt the Lord working in their lives as they opened up and offered themselves to our God. Talk 7, wrapped up the MER1 by teaching how we could make our houses into homes where God was the center. The practical decisions (the plan of action) which they took, at the end of the day, were offered by Fr. Basil Mandi, during the Eucharistic Celebration.

We are grateful to our God for making this MER1 a fruitful one, as the participants shared their testimonies. The hot and humid weather could not stop them from praising God for the wonders that He has been doing in their lives.

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