Merely Servants – Goa

The community of CFCI conducted a Household servants training for the CFCI Singles community from the 19th to 21st October 2018 at Pedro Arrupe Institute, Raia. This program was conducted for all current Household servants as well as for the budding ones along with the formators from the 4 Singles chapters of Goa.

The program began on 19th evening with praise and worship. The participants were then divided into various groups for an activity conducted by Akshada on various attributes which makes our community so unique. This was followed by the first session which was on the Vision and Mission of our community given by Levin Gomes. He highlighted the importance of the mission statement and how it invites us to be Christ’s disciples. He also spoke about the covenanted life and the need for each of us to be willing to be disciplined at all times.

Day 2 began early with mass, followed by a hearty breakfast. A vibrant praise and worship session followed. The session CFCI servants given by Ehrlson de Sousa explained about the roles and responsibilities of a household servant. It also spoke about the various challenges that we may come across while serving our members. The participants were then divided chapter wise for an activity of practising appreciation. This activity highlighted how important it is for us to appreciate our members.

The next session titled Nuts and Bolts delivered by Biron D’Souza beautifully touched on the different aspects to be considered for a household meeting i.e meeting structure, venue of the meeting, ingredients of a meeting and household sharing. It also stressed how important is the role of a household servant and how we need to be accountable for our members. This was followed by a brief session by Andrea D’ Souza on One-to-Ones and how to conduct them along with some rather hilarious role plays depicting the various situations that we might come across during one to ones with our members.

The evening was marked by a celebration of the Lord’s Day which left all thanking and praising God for his goodness in our lives. Post a sumptuous dinner, a beautiful session was conducted where participants were encouraged to reconcile with each other by washing the feet of the people they have hurt or who have hurt them.

Day 3 began with the Holy Eucharist. After a quick breakfast, it was time to get back to the training. Following an upbeat worship session, we had a session on How to help our members grow delivered by Tita Suzette where we were explained the need and manner of encouraging, correcting and interceding for our members. This was followed by another hilarious but insightful role play on how to correct our members.

Tito Constantino (Jerry) D’ Sa then delivered the session on Growing as a Household servant where he spoke about how we can come closer to God whilst serving our members. This was followed by a chapter wise evaluation of our shortcomings and areas where we could grow.

The final session delivered by Levin Gomes briefly touched on the importance of the Core team in our chapters and the role they play in helping the chapter grow.

The programme concluded with a praise fest. Each of us left the venue feeling well equipped and yet eager to serve in our chapters and in this community.

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