Mission Impossible

The CFCI Youth of Mangalore held its youth intake camp “Mission Impossible” from 18th to 20th of May 2018 at St. Aloysius School hall, Urwa, Mangalore. The three-day camp was filled with fun, fellowship and learning more about one’s self and the heavenly Father.

The camp began with the teaching of hymns. Followed by the ice-breaker dance “As we walk to the left”. The participants were glad to know more about the people around them. This was followed by the team servants briefing the participants about where they were, what the camp was about and they handed out the various instructions for three days, after which everyone was given refreshments.

The first session on “God’s Love” revealed to the participants that God loves each and every one of us as if there were only one of us to love. They also learnt about God’s crazy plan for them. At the end of, the first session they were filled with great love for our heavenly Father and were curious to know more about him. The group discussion helped the participants share their understanding of the teaching. Later the participants were given some time to rest. They then assembled for the second session titled “Who is Jesus to me?” This talk enabled them to understand how Jesus bridges the gap that sin creates between God and humanity. The group discussions helped them find answers to this question.

They were brought back for a session of music and dance by the music ministry. After learning about God’s love and his crazy plan the participants were able to be a bit more comfortable as they danced and sang for God. The games ministry then took over. The participants enjoyed the games thoroughly and were looking forward to more fun.

The second day of the camp began with mass at Immaculate Conception Church, Urwa. After mass they danced and sang both to praise God and to wake and energise them.

They then had the third session on “Repentance, Faith, Healing and Forgiveness” which helped them realize how sin takes us away from God and how He still loves us even when we fail to love Him. They learnt the need to repent with faith and get healing by forgiving. This talk was followed by a group discussion. We then had a delicious breakfast after which the participants began getting ready for confessions by using the examination of conscience wherein they penned down their sins. This helped them make a good confession, after which they experienced the love and grace of God in its fullness. They were then taken through a letter writing session where they were made to write letters of appreciation and gratitude to their parents. This session was an eyeopener to many of them as they realized all that their parents had done for them.

Post this an open forum session was organised to discuss various situations where the youth face troubles and to clear their doubts as to how they can overcome these situations. The participants had one-to-ones after this wherein they were able to share many aspects of their lives which had been ignored or which had troubled them.

We then had a lunch break. After lunch, we that the fourth session on “Power of the Holy Spirit”. In this session the participants understood who the Holy Spirit actually is. They learnt about His various gifts and fruits and that He blesses us with when we call out to Him. Later, a group discussion was organised where they cleared all their doubts about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and what gifts they could ask for.

The participants were then taught worship hymns by the music ministry after which there was a short break before heading towards the church for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. This session was the most heart touching one. The participants knelt before the blessed sacrament and prayed earnestly. They didn’t really know how the power of the Holy Spirit would manifest in their lives, but they believed and prayed earnestly. Many received various gifts like the gift of tongues, gift of courage and others. After the infilling of the Holy Spirit we had the ‘Praise Fest’ where everyone simply surrendered everything to God and were no longer bothered about how they looked or sounded while they praised their Father in heaven. That night everyone enjoyed all the games to the fullest which the games ministry had in store for them. They were divided into groups and gave themselves names you would never think of. Thus, the second day ended on a joyful note.

The last day of the camp began with a recap of the second day, followed by the last session of the three-day camp “Growing in the Spirit”. This brought about the realization that our relationship with God does not end as we end the camp but needs to grow. We were given five tools to live by-prayer, Word of God, sacraments, service and fellowship, which when we practice regularly will enable us to grow deeper in our relationship with God.

Finally it was time for the most fun part of the camp – “WATER GAMES”. This was the time when everyone got together for one last time to shoot up their team scores . When the parents arrived, the participants gave their letters to their parents and the parents responded with an appreciative letter as well. The participants and their parents were glad to show their love for each other through these letters. It was a treasured time.

The participants, then guided by the Spirit, shared their testimonies with all the parents after which we celebrated the Holy Eucharist. We then had another praise fest where everyone danced like no one was watching and praised God with loud voices. Thus, the camp “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2018” came to an end.

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