Mission of God’s Love

“How fortunate!” I thought to myself one day, after saying YES to join the West Bengal CFCI Summer Mission Crew. Deep within, I always longed to do God’s work, share the Good News to more souls and draw them closer to God’s kingdom. And here, I had the opportunity for the very first time!

A group of us left to West Bengal on May 2019 and the journey to our destination was not all smooth. Our train got cancelled and we had no seats in the alternate one. Later, the bus that was booked had a flat tire almost 20 km after the journey started. But I believe God went with us and turned everything for our good. We managed to board the train from Siliguri station, which to our surprise, was running late.

At our first meeting point, I was so overwhelmed by the warm welcome that we received from the villagers. They washed our feet as a sign of hospitality and this simple act moved me inside out.

As we arrived at Central Duar which is a very beautiful place, my heart was somehow filled with fear of wild animals from all the stories that I heard from the villagers. But the Lord assured and encouraged my little heart with His word from

Isaiah 41:10: “Fear not for I am with you.”


Romans 8:31: “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?”

In this place, it was amazing to see so many youths regularly gathered in the Church to listen to the Word of God. Because Holy Mass and Adoration were quite infrequent in their local village chapel, they were seen enjoying the Praise and worship sessions and attentive to every teaching given.

The home that we lodged at, was filled with love and kindness and their hospitality was very evident. In spite of their simple lifestyle and meagre belongings, we were allowed their best room and good food. This taught us how important it is to share even from the little that we possess.

At Radharani village, which was our next destination, we spread the Word of God to almost 40 youth and children over 2 days and taught them the importance of prayer. There were games and sessions with activities conducted that added to the excitement. The best part of these 2 days was spending time together with the villagers, praying over and sharing with them. This reminded me so much of the lives of the early Christians.

On the journey back home, I pondered over the week that had so quickly gone by and summed up that God was trying to teach me this during the mission: be generous and loving. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Practice hospitality and share with everyone in need. I truly experienced the Lord at every moment of this mission trip and I felt Him drawing me more to serve Him in mission areas with these words,

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)

I believe through this trip, God instilled in my heart to seek more opportunities and completely rely on His strength as I serve Him.

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