Mission to North-East

A CFCI Mission!!! It had been something I always wanted to do but I never got a chance. So, it was like a dream come true when Baptist asked me if I wanted to go to the North-East on Mission last summer. I was overjoyed and jumped at the opportunity. This happiness though was short lived, as I began thinking about how I would manage away from the comfort of my home.

Being very enthusiastic about this, I had great plans in my head about all the things I wanted to do in those areas. But, God showed me that His plans are always greater than mine and His amazing plans were being slowly revealed to me in the interim. I then began to realise that going on this mission was His decision for me. He taught me a lot throughout this mission and during this time, God was revealed to me not just as a photoframe hanging on the wall, but as a real living Being!

The entire mission gave me such a beautiful experience of the CFCI Community and what it really stands for. I was blessed to have with me an amazing team of missionaries who were ever ready to serve God and His people. The toughest challenge however, lay in performing this service day after day for an entire month! Beginning from our stay in Kolkata right to the end in Goa,it proved to be a learning experience all along.

We saw the members of the community open their hearts and homes to us; serving us just as Jesus would want His followers to do. We conducted various youth programs and bonded with the youth by talking to them, cooking with them, etc. Never ever did I feel like I was away from home, except moments when my mother called me. It was no smooth sailing, there were difficulties, pain and spiritual warfare throughout, but God’s love and mercy kept us safe and protected. I only pray that the areas we visited always experience God’s goodness and stay blessed. And I pray to God to give me an opportunity to visit these areas again.

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