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We are happy to share the good news to all members across Couples for Christ India; news that will help us better live out our call to discipleship and in turn making disciples as we spread God’s Word, renew families and share the love of God in a more active manner.

This year, we are opening new mediums through which members can be a part of the mission work undertaken by the community across the country. Since different members are able to dedicate time/themselves in various capacities of service, we are opening 3 new service areas that will ensure our mission work continues and intensifies as we reach out to every nook and corner of the country to spread the Good News. Based on your availability you can enrol for either of the following 3 service areas.

Mission Volunteer
If one feels called to serve God and His people in a more concrete way, then join the mission volunteer program is one way to live out his calling. IT also helps youngsters discern if they would like to take on full-time missionary work.

As a mission volunteer, you not just saying yes to be a missionary, but you are also responding to Christ’s invitation to deepen your personal relationship with Him and experience ongoing spiritual formation. You will be part of a mission community that together lives a structured and sacramental prayer life, supports one another in a common mission, and holds each other accountable.

A Mission Volunteer is understood to be the one going out into the world to actively carry on the work of Christ through CFCI. His/Her service to the Missions/community is time-bound. It could range from a few hours pastoral visit to another parish or for longer missions of a weekend, week or even month to a mission area in different districts/states of CFC India. During a posting, a mission volunteer would totally make himself/herself available through time and talent.

Open for Graduated youth and above, a mission volunteer would require to dedicate a minimum time period of 3 months (and longer) during the year. The mission volunteer will be appointed to serve alongside a Full-Time Pastoral Worker of the community. Prior to his/her joining, the required training would be given to equip him/her to better fulfil the role for which appointed. To complete training and formalities, a member would need to apply at least 2 months prior to the date he/ she wishes to begin serving.

Every Mission volunteer will have an older brother/sister in charge of their pastoral care while the respective program servant will be in charge of their service.

The role of a Mission Volunteer

  1. To animate and to help move forward the life and mission of CFCI in a particular state or area.
  2. To help train leaders and get them to effectively carry on our life and mission.

Qualifications of a Mission Volunteer

  1. Must have a deep and consistent relationship with Jesus.
  2. Must have the heart of a servant.
  3. Must have basic experience or ready to learn in the area of service that he/she will focus on.
  4. Must have leadership qualities and the ability to deal with leaders.
  5. Must be of good physical health.
  6. Must be emotionally stable.
  7. Must be willing to face any hardship, challenge or sacrifice.

Last Date to Register is two months before serving. If you are interested in being part, then you can apply here.

Summer Mission Crew Member
A team is formed every Summer who travels around India, to help the brethren grow in their spiritual walk.
First and foremost, you are answering Christ’s call to build up His Kingdom on earth. Throughout the summer, you will lead kids, youth and singles closer to Christ through service, relationship, and prayer. You are joining the mission of Couples for Christ India to create an environment for all to meet Jesus Christ and develop a discipleship relationship with Him.

  1. A mission crew team may consist of Couples, Singles or Youth.
  2. The time period of a Summer Mission is usually during the month of May, post the end of school exams until the beginning of the next academic school year.
  3. An applicant must be a regular and covenanted member who has completed a minimum period of one year in the community. He/She needs approval from their district servant, formator, household servant and parents (in the case of youth).
  4. The volunteer must pose basic skills to read and speak in Hindi.
  5. A member could join for the mission for either ten days, or for the entire mission. For more information on this please contact the team coordinators.
  6. Participating member will get an opportunity to conduct programs, lead teams, prepare & give sessions/testimonies in Hindi, conduct one-to-one’s and visit different villages, parishes and families.
  7. Your travel (3 AC Train), food and accommodation for the entire mission will be taken care of by the community.
  8. Travel will be with the team, and a girl volunteer would compulsorily be accompanied by a senior brother while travelling.

Last Date to Register is two months before serving. If you are interested in being part, then you can apply here.

CFCI Office Staff
Besides the above-mentioned need, the community is also looking for members to use their talents in the following 3 ways mentioned below. Join our office staff in managing and coordinating various community projects required to be undertaken by the CFC office. This role is open to all Graduated youth and above who can commit to specific hours/ days in the week or over a specific time frame. An interested member would need to apply 2 months before the start date of service.

  1. Media Evangelist
  2. Bookworm
  3. Data Wizard

They are positions open to members able to give a few hours a week and use their skill for the furtherment of our mission. A short work profile and Details of the requirement are mentioned in the excel sheet attached along with this document. These appointments are based out of Goa and require a minimum of 3 months commitment.

Last Date to Register is two months before serving. Join the office staff and make a difference by applying here.

Do note, these opportunities are open to all regular members of the community with prior approval from their district servants/formators/household servants, only.

We will be regularly updating the list of roles available on this link (Mission Opportunities Link). However, before applying, we would hope that members understand the vision and culture of the CFCI community. Although this will be a remarkably exciting journey, the program will also be demanding and challenging and hence an applicant should also visit the CFCI Website and read the specific program description carefully to better understand if he/she is ready for this service role.

If you are interested and ready to give your time and talent for God, then do not delay any further.
If you want to know more in detail about this program, you can get more information in this document.

Please spread the news, encourage our brethren to join together in being a true disciple for Christ!

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