My Guardian Angel

As we walk on the path- the path of life and death, there is a person who draws us towards life. He walks with us through our sorrows and joys. He guards us against every evil deed. We can’t feel or touch him but we know he is with us, showing his power over evils.

I can understand the extent of God’s love for us for he gave us a personal bodyguard who can help us when we are in need. This is none other than a holy guardian angel. He protects us from evil even when we choose the wrong path. I know that he is so great that he can create a new human inside me.- a being that will choose to listen to God’s voice. How mighty is our God that he gave each one of us such a brave and awesome Angel who can guard us with his God-gifted power. Till date, I have always been shielded and protected by my guardian angel through all that I’ve done.

by Ashima Joseph

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