My slow and steady Transformation

I always knew that Jesus was my saviour. However, there was so much of me, myself and I in my life that I never made even a little bit of room for Him.

The Lord showered me with many blessing. In 2009, I was saved from second stage Mycosis Fungoides (a type of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and a year later, I was blessed with a beautiful marriage, yet I had forgotten the Lord’s mercies on me. My faith consisted of a quick rosary while travelling to work and the Eucharist was nothing more than a Sunday obligation. However, this didn’t last for long, my transformation was well on its way.

In 2014, my husband and I were expecting our second child. This is when the stress took over me. I was struggling to manage a home, a three-year-old child and my career. Amidst this, there were repeated fights with my mother-in-law. Truth be told, back then, I believed that I was right, and felt that I had the right to raise my voice. This took a big toll on my pregnancy and my little toddler’s health. By God’s grace, I was still blessed with a healthy baby. But, from then on things were very bitter between me and my in-laws. This adversely affected my marriage.

Two years later, amidst all this chaos, I surrendered everything to the Lord during the Holy Eucharist. I prayed, “My Lord, You have blessed me with two children, but I only get to spend two hours a day with them. Help me to be a better mother, give me more time and I will always serve you”. Back then, I would pray like barter and I never really had a personal relationship with our Lord. I was like a lost sheep, but my Shepherd didn’t leave me astray for long. Soon enough, the Lord invited me and my husband for a CLS and there our transformation began.

The Lord blessed me with a job that allowed me to work from home. My prayer life improved, and now, I have a beautiful relationship with Jesus. The Lord also called me to serve Him as a lector in my parish. Soon, my husband and I joined the CFCI community too. However, things were still not ok with my in-laws. However, I continued to hope and pray. The Lord gave me the grace to approach the sacrament of reconciliation each time I fell, and he also started waking me up early to participate in the daily Eucharist. Slowly, He guided me to be an obedient wife and I started living

Each of you, however, should love his wife as himself, and a wife should respect her husband.
~Ephesians 5:33.

The Holy Spirit guided me to a Holy marriage. My husband who was broken and angry with me soon started responding with love. The Lord eventually called my husband to serve him as well and he joined the parish choir.

Today, I’m a different person than what I was in 2014. Our marriage is a Christ-centred marriage and our home is really a mini church. My relationship with my in-laws has healed too. We have come a long way and we still have a long way to go, but this time we have Jesus with us. Praise be to Jesus. My Lord who lives and my Lord who saves. A mighty thanks to our Lord.

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