My Tortured Jesus

My legs were tied together,
With a tough rope,
And I was dragged all over,
While you still enjoyed your dope.

They dragged me down the stairs,
Into a smelly cave,
Where bees and maggots moved about,
But you still enjoyed your rave.

They tore off my clothes,
and proceeded to pierce my body,
It is the temple of the Holy Spirit,
But you still abuse your own body?

They tied a rope around my body now,
And across the floor they dragged me,
The sharp pieces of metal dug in deeper,
But I knew only my Father cried with me.

They hung me from a beam and left me there,
Until I slipped from it and fell,
They laughed at me, and hung me again,
But I had to do this, to save you from hell.

This caused so much of pain, and tears of blood,
To run down my face and eyes
But trust me my child, it doesn’t hurt as much,
As when you sin and tell so many lies.

They fastened me to a large tree trunk,
And tortured me with all sorts of metals,
They hit me, stoned me, and tore me apart,
But I cried thinking of your family battles.

Then they beat me & burnt me,
With a blazing torch from a burning fire,
They rubbed my wounds & made them swell,
But you still burn with evil desire.

They pierced me with needles
And pocked my body with pins
They laughed at me as I cried along
Thinking about you and all your sins.

They ripped away my skin & flesh
And made my body cry,
They cut open a number of veins,
But to talk about me you still feel shy.

They threw me on to a pillar,
and placed my feet on a hot steel plate,
I wait for you so often at mass,
But even there you arrive so late.

They placed an iron crown on my head
Made of twigs and sharp thorns,
It almost pierced into my brains,
But during rosary you always yawn.

They covered my face and my eyes so tight,
With foul smelling rags,
It almost chocked me, but I thought of you
Coz everyday you so need your fags.

They made me sit on a chair of nails,
Which cut through my flesh,
But you grumble and crib in the Lent season,
Starting from the Wednesday of ash.

They tore off my beard
and pierced my face with nails,
But you still kill the girl child,
And want only the males.

They threw me down on a cross,
to which they tied me so tightly
I look around to see you everyday,

And ask if you love me even slightly?

They trampled my head
And placed their feet on my chest,
Causing a thorn to pierce my tongue,
and in a pool of blood was thrown to rest.

Unashamedly and with impunity,
Poured into my mouth horrible refuse-feces
But you sit idle all day long
and think of somebody Else’s Mrs.

They spread my gaping wounds
With hot pine-pitch & liquid lead,
I was exhausted & tortured every minute
But for you my blood, I shed.

It’s Lent again my brothers and sisters,
Jesus died for your sins and mine,
Let us confess our sins then with a repentant heart,
and let His light on all of us shine.

Tortured Jesus

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