National Servants Conference 2015

The National Servant’s Conference was finally in view after turning the last corner toward the Divine Call Center Mulki, all the National Servant’s across India adjusted their mirrors and revved right ahead. Elvis Cutinho was decided upon unanimously to be the emcee for the gathering. Francis Menezes from Goa, the national formator for Singles and Youth inaugurated the National Servant’s Conference and the event began.

Our country servant A.V. Jose addressed the gathering and spoke about how every single person is important and that a decision made by any one individual could make a different in heaven, saying, ‘if one responds to a call or invite for a CLS or a retreat, everyone there should rejoice as there is rejoicing in heaven’. He went further to say if we cannot share faith in our families, we cannot begin sharing faith with outsiders. The concepts of helping others no matter what were brought to light, where everyone was told that they should stop whatever they were doing to help someone as there is nothing nobler.

The first session was on ‘Sacrifice of Praise’, a theme derived from Hebrews 13:15 and was given by none other than Tito Francis Menezes. He spoke about how we need to praise God no matter what, because we praise God for who He is and not for what He has done for us. He also mentioned that we praise because it is right and just and because it is good for our salvation. During this talk, testimonies by Gerard and Audrey from Bangalore enlightened everyone.

There were a few youngsters who shared about the expectations they had of their formators, and elders, and later everyone saws the counter, expectations of the youngsters.

Since a stretch break was in order, a few icebreaker games were conducted by Titus and Levin to lighten the mood and loosen the muscles. Tito Jose then touched upon how every suffering should be seen as a blessing and not a curse, followed by Gerard who spoke about how gifts of the Holy Spirit are useful in the community and how we each have the power and authority to plunder hell and populate heaven.

Tito Jose conducted the second session on the power of praise. After speaking on all that praise does and how you should praise in your troubled times, a lot was put into perspective. He spoke about how, when we praise, God dwells in our midst and that He then acts. He also spoke about using praise as a weapon, and how a curse can be turned into a blessing when we praise. This session saw testimonies by Tito Leslie and Tita Debbie, followed by a few sharings by brothers from Arunachal Pradesh.

The second day began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr. Francline Machado, Fr. Evan Gomes and Fr. Anil Kiran.

Tito Jose began the third session shortly after on Mary- a heart that praises. He spoke about the qualities of Mama Mary, stressing on the importance of humility, trust, faith and submission. He also mentioned that we may not always possess these qualities but that we must strive to cultivate them and that at every given opportunity, we must pray for these attributes so that they may begin to take root in us.

After the session, brothers and sisters from various parts of India and different wings of the community came about sharing various incidents that took place in their lives. The day concluded with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament by Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD and adoration led by our brothers from Assam.

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